More and more business are beginning to accept Bitcoin as a payment option. The digital currency has gained a lot of popularity in the last year, and it's not just being accepted by companies, but also by the general public, small businesses and even individuals.

Local coffee shop in Morrisville, NC says yes to Bitcoin

Avid bitcoiners, you are invited to Morrisville, NC, to spend your bitcoins at Bacan’s and get delicious coffee and food in exchange. The shop has gone crypto and they’re now accepting cryptocurrency. Bacan’s brings the best Colombian and Venezuelan coffee to the people of Morrisville. They take great pride in their products and they guarantee the best ambiance to their customers. accepts bitcoins for CBD Rich Hemp Oil Products is an online company that sells and distributes hemp oil-based products. They recently announced that they’re adopting cryptocurrency, and they turned their attention to Bitcoin. According the Jason Liss, the founder of the website, customers can use bitcoins to purchase CBD rich hemp oil products. Liss mentions:

"Digital cryptocurrencies are pushing the envelope in how businesses transact with their customers. Bitcoin is by far the largest, and most recognizable variety of this new currency, and I am very excited to offer this as an alternative to traditional payment methods, […]. This is historic. Digital currency will be an important part of the future, and is excited to be the first major online CBD rich hemp oil retailer to accept it."

Famous psychic accepts Bitcoin

Famous psychic, Ravenhawke, helps people get control of their lives through his healing powers. With clients from all over the world, Ravenhawke estimates that almost 50% of his clients are foreign. That being said, he must constantly deal with international payments, which at times are extremely frustrating to deal with. Ravenhawke says:

“PayPal, which is, of course, Visa and Mastercard, is the most prominent way I get paid from international clients,” [...] “Transactions are smooth, but it takes 3-5 days for the money to download into my account. So, when you’re doing budgeting based on what’s coming in and what’s going out, it makes it harder when you have to add in the factor of what you’re waiting for.”

In order to make transactions smoother, Ravenhawke has discovered Bitcoin. He talked about the currency's ease of use, highlighting that the digital currency saves money, time, is extremely convenient and can be used as a store of value. As a renowned psychic, Ravenhawke adds that Bitcoin is not solely a payment system:

I see [Bitcoin] as the new revenue stream of the future. It’s young right now, but who knows. Maybe my son will be Prime Minister one day, but he’s still in grade 5. That’s how I see Bitcoin. It’s still young; the potential is there.”

He's convinced society will eventually become more high-tech. Soon enough, people won't be carrying cash anymore. Everything will be digitized, especially since an estimated 95% of people's money is already in digital form. Ravenhawk concludes:

“You can’t rely on plastic. How many times have people gone to pay with their cards and seen a sign saying ‘Cash Only – System Down’? It’s funny. When the system is down, the web is still working on my phone.”

Online Eyewear Company accepting BTC

Brand new eyewear company, EIGHT, is also now onboard the Bitcoin merchant bandwagon. The website is fairly new and the founders claim to have the best and most ultra-flexible glasses. Featuring a modern design and with a nearly indestructible frame, Eight certainly seems promising.  And it looks like Bitcoin is already their go-to payment system, so apart from a unique line of products Eight has lower fees as well.

Beautiful Taiwan – Tea for BTC

Beautiful Taiwan is a tea company located in Indianapolis. Their products are harvested from the high peaks of Taiwan’s mountains, where local artisan farmers hand roast and hand pick whole-leaf teas (black, green and oolong tea). The company is now accepting Bitcoin, so if you some and don’t know what to do with it, why not purchase some top-quality tea?

Indian Grill restaurant in West Lafayette accepts Bitcoin

Indian grill restaurant, Khana Khazana, has just started accepting bitcoins for its delicious food. The bistro claims to be the first one in the West Lafayette area to do so. Anita Kumar, manager of Khana Khazana, says 10 customers have already used the cryptocurrency. She mentions that Bitcoin could be a smart way of saving money and improving the restaurant. When asked about the fees she had to pay when working with banks, Kumar said:

“It’s a lot because it’s three percent of the whole sale every month that we are paying to our credit card company.”

The Bitcoin software used by Khana Khazana was installed by Purdue Bitcoin Club, whose members have convinced more than 30 businesses to accept Bitcoin. 

Bali-based booking agency makes bookings easier with Bitcoin

New booking agency in Bali, Bitislands, aims to make booking easier with Bitcoin. The company has just launched BitcoinTour, a program that permits users to trade bitcoins for flight, hotel, and train reservations, and tour bookings.

Furthermore, the agency claims to support Indonesia’s best hotels, and they’re looking to transform Bali’s Bitislands into a popular “Bitcoin travel destination.” Apart from Bitcoin, also accepts rupiah. Oscar Darmawan, project director for Bitislands, recently mentioned that the BitcoinTour project already made US$10,000 in BTC, adding;

“We are confident that in the future the sales will increase by more than triple that.”

Launched this past May, the Bitislands project wants to convince local businesses to accept BTC through Indonesia’s largest and most competent Bitcoin exchange,, mentioning:

“[The] Bitislands Project has been growing quite well in Bali. There is a co-working space, hotels, villas, restaurants, a jewelry shop, food delivery services and even taxis that are accepting Bitcoin. Currently, we are also running a Bitcoin centre that provides free education for people who want to know about Bitcoin.”

Nonpartisan, nonprofit company adds Bitcoin button for donations

The Center for Election Science ( is a nonprofit company that promotes “approval voting” for elections with sole winners. Made of activists and voting system experts, the company promotes better shared decisions in settings that range from student groups to government officials.

A reddit user recently posted that he sent some Bitcoin to the organization (worth about $15); after sending some more, he noticed that the website received an upgrade – a BTC button for donations.

Fatal Encounters accepts BTC donations

Since we’re talking about nonprofit organizations, a very unique website is also accepting donations via Bitcoin. It’s called Fatal Encounters and it’s a searchable, comprehensive online database with names of people killed during interactions with law enforcement officials.

The creator of the website, editor/publisher D. Brian Burghart, welcomes the people to donate by saying:

“Now accepting Bitcoin. If you know what this is for, feel free to use it.”

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