Expanse announces the release of a proof of concept version of its decentralized governance services platform, Borderless.Tech.

Decentralised political system

In the announcement, Borderless.tech was described as a coalition of globally accessible governance services forged out of smart contracts that live on the Expanse blockchain.

The founder and lead developer, Christopher Franko, says that Expanse runs on a decentralized application platform designed to allow more efficient mining and enabling dapp developers to create more powerful applications and innovations.

Franko says:

“You can think of Borderless.Tech as a decentralized, global political system without borders. Services such as citizenship, identity, notary, marriage, and more are easily able to adapt to specific needs of various groups that are choosing their own ways to be free.”

Competing with governments

The announcement says the Borderless.Tech governance platform is designed to substantially lower the operational costs required to maintain borders.

Removing the artificial lines that separate societies and states allows for a smarter allocation of scarce resources, while at the same time introduces competition into the ages-old monopolies of governments.

James Clayton, Expanse Community Manager, explains:

“This software will disrupt the very way we, as a civilization, understand citizenship and what it means to be connected. When coupled with the power and flexibility Expanse provides, Borderless.Tech provides a stable foundation that the future can be built upon. By letting go of those restrictive imaginary lines, (borders), we become global citizens and a new type of identity emerges, which will allow all members of society to reach our full potential.”

Increasing trading volume

According to the team, Expanse has lately seen consistently increasing trading volume. Trading volume on both Poloniex and Bittrex continues to rise and reached $2,733,540 at the time of the Borderless announcement. In the future, Tech smart contracts should be loadable to the Expanse wallet.

Expanse also provides for the Borderless Charity that uses voluntary donations from Borderless.tech to provide basic necessities for people in need.