Some of the best childhood memories stemmed from an era marked by trading cards. Many remember this period beginning in the late 1980s, and some even lived through it in school. As a result, trading cards are often met with fond memories of some of the collections that had once been held or a time when a player got duped with a poor trade that cost them a rare card in their own holding. But, the great thing about these games was that each card felt singular, even if many of these cards were in existence.

While these trading cards don't have the same popularity they once had, many agree the concept is making a comeback—only this time in the form of nonfungible tokens (NFTs). 

NFTs exist as rare tokens on the blockchain. An NFT can represent anything from a Van Gogh painting to a trading card where only 50 to 100 exist. The difference from a trading card is that the blockchain verifies the item's rarity, further proving it is an item of worth. Therefore, unlike other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), NFTs are something original that can't be replaced. 

Unfortunately, trading cards were quickly left in many player's childhoods since this form of gameplay would rarely amount to any earnings in the real world. The only real way to earn money would occur if a player had a rare card that could be sold to a collector. However, with the play-to-earn gaming model on the blockchain, the possibility of earning a regular income stream through gameplay is now a reality.

Block Monsters, a blockchain-based, play-to-earn game, invites gamers to revisit the trading card days of their youth with the launch of their own gaming metaverse. The game aims to bring these feelings of nostalgia back through the collection and trading of uncommon NFTs and the ability to battle them in the game's Fight Engine. 

Meet the monsters

In Block Monsters, players are encouraged to collect and trade NFT-based creatures called "Blockmons.” Trainers can play and earn by reaching different milestones in the game and unlock rewards in their dashboard MNSTERS, which could be traded for a currency of their choice.

Each player must begin with a Blockmon, the most affordable way being a "Starter Blockmon" collected through the Starter Pack. Players can then evolve these characters to help raise the value of the NFT and unlock new meta-data for fights against other Trainers. 

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Bringing back the original concept of trading cards, players are encouraged to collect all 150 Blockmons in Generation #1 of the Blockmonster Universe. There are several ways to collect them, but once players do, they can trade them on the Marketplace for real money or fill up their Blockdex to rank on the leaderboard.

As players become champions, they can earn other significant achievements such as the opportunity to collect more exclusive creatures or winning major Blockchain Fights against other Trainers. 

The game recently launched its NFT demo and Starterpacks and is currently preparing to release another Booster packs and the play-to-earn mechanism, allowing gamers to earn tokens during their gameplay. 

The first Booster packs were sold out in seven minutes and are now worth up to $20,000. The second drop will have 10,000 NFTs and will be available on Oct. 15 at 7 pm CET on Block Monsters’s official website.

Driven by the community

As a community-driven game, Block Monsters maintains its commitment to building a vibrant community that will continue to propel the metaverse to new heights.

The team behind the project shares, "we are super excited about the future; we know it is just the beginning with such an ambitious roadmap ahead. The full potential will be set free once the Play 2 Earn mechanism launches in November, and players can earn real money with our project."

In the coming months, the official project roadmap also shares the integration of the Fight Engine and Blockmons onto the map, a game theme song, and the announcement of 1of1 Blockmons will be live shortly. 

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