Play-to-earn is the new king in the land of cryptocurrencies. Nonfungible token (NFT)-based gaming is poised to lead the way into the metaverse, and as more people spend time in the games, they are seeing real income opportunities. 

Blockchain Cuties Universe is one of the leading players in this space, and they have just launched Season 6 of their ever-evolving Cutieland. 

The game started its development in 2017. As an early entrant to the play-to-earn environment, they have grown a loyal community who follow them and harness the potential of play-to-earn by learning more about the in-game markets that present earning opportunities for Cutieneers.

The rising popularity of play-to-earn games coincides nicely with the increased demand for cryptocurrencies. Collecting Cuties has become addictive and engaging all at the same time. As early adopters of the metaverse, Cutieneers are in an ideal position to encourage more people to enter virtual spaces and spend some of their time in virtual environments discovering what is on offer.

Getting to know Cutieland

In Cutieland, users can play through a series of adventure lands with their Cutie. Cuties include a wide range of cute pets: cats, dogs, rabbits, pigs, foxes, hedgehogs, lizards, bears and Mutants. It is easy to see why cats are especially popular. The winners earn in exchange for digital currencies and other NFTs. 

There are over 391,000 Cuties currently in the market and thousands of items to buy, including crafting ingredients, consumables and loot boxes. Some popular items on offer in the marketplace for Cuties are adventure potion, magic dust, cloth hangers and wine. Cutieneers are also encouraged to embark on quests such as raids or 

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To make the game even more interesting, Blockchain Cuties Universe publishes a leaderboard of their Cutieneers each week, including the top adventure wins, top raid victories, top sellers and top farmers.

Blockchain Cuties is the first play-to-earn game to present into NFTs on five different blockchains -- Ethereum (ETH), EOS, Polygon, Tron (TRX) and Neo. The platform released the first EOS in-game wallet, which has the functionality and capabilities of the best EOS wallets. 

The platform’s native utility token BCUG is available on Uniswap, and, according to the company, one more exchange listing is coming this week. It gives players participative power in relation to voting and more say in the future direction of the game, as well as allowing them to get unique goods and Cuties that no one can't get using other currencies.

Future plans

As the world of Cutieland evolves, the team at Blockchain Cuties is working on new developments. They are planning to expand the Wars of Cutieland and also gearing up for the BCUG token governance and in-game farming.

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