Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are on the rise, bringing to light the latest innovation in the digital collectible market. Along with this new asset class comes several artists, including Mike Winkelmann, a man better known as Beeple. Before NFTs were created, Mike was far from a well-known artist. Now, after selling a work of his art for $69 million, he has become one of the most valuable living artists today. The thing is, Mike is just one of these artists who has taken advantage of this new chapter in art history, and he’s far from the last.

These NFTs exist as one-of-a-kind files on the blockchain, with the details of the creator loaded on the digital ledger forever. Buyers typically only get limited ability to display their art pieces, restricting these beautiful works of art to the eyes of a few until they deem it time to sell. Many agree that original works like the Mona Lisa should be seen by the masses. With this example in mind, the solution seems simple. As one would share art in a museum, it only makes sense that digital art is showcased similarly in a digital museum.

Operating under the Inmagine Group, known for owning a stock photo gallery and a photo editor, is Pixlr Genesis. Pixlr Genesis is targeted to become the largest decentralized art museum on the metaverse, complete with an extensive collection of exclusive NFT art. Together, Pixlr Genesis is aimed to become a community, a place where artists, collectors and enthusiasts may come together. As new or reinvigorated patrons of the arts, participants in the community will become crucial in the bringings of what can only be referred to as the second Renaissance.

In their own words, a member from their team shares, 

“Pixlr’s mission is to empower creators to make exceptional content and share it with the world. We see NFTs as a way to democratize ownership of art as well as establishing new experiences between creators, owners and collectors.”

In an ambitious goal, the team is positioning itself against the world’s most notable art collections, including the MOMA, Louvre and the National Gallery.

Power to the creators

However, the Pixlr Genesis ecosystem will include more than a display case; it will take shape as a fully-fledged ecosystem, pushing the newest boundaries of art and intellectual property (IP). Therefore, the metaverse-based galley will also be accompanied by an auction platform and NFT minting tools.

Users will gain access to this ecosystem by holding their own piece of NFT art, which they then can display or hold as they take advantage of exclusive NFT tools and art drops, benefits exclusive to community members. Art holders may also get the opportunity to network with fellow collectors as they interact in the Pixlr metaverse.

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The team has since announced the release of 10,000 Pixlr Genesis NFT art pieces, each generated with the platform’s artificial intelligence tools. They will soon be made available to the community in a public sale. In addition to being beautiful to look at, each NFT will also act as a seed, a ticket for future drops, a right of passage into the community and a method for earning ART tokens.

With only 10,000 pieces, slots become limited, and due to the scarcity principle, increasingly more valuable over time.

Taking things digital

The team has since announced the first 2000 Pixlr Genesis NFT passes will be released on Dec. 1, 2021, at 5:00 pm PST, 8:00 pm EST/ Dec. 2, 2021, 12:00 am UTC, 08:00 am SG. The public sale will release assets starting at 0.15 ETH, with prices increasing in each of the following four subsequent phases.


The purchase of an art piece is more than just a valuable investment; it is also representative of the authority to decide what gets to be displayed in the metaverse museum and may present opportunities for users to invest their secondary royalty funds and direct community attention, where they see fit.

Art holders may also note that 25% of the secondary royalties generated in perpetuity will be reinvested in the pursuit of new art and the support of new artists, perhaps the next Beeple being among them.

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