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Many first-generation blockchain games were more concerned with crypto-earning than providing a great gaming experience. In contrast, Gala Games, a blockchain gaming platform with a proven history in the Web3 space, prioritizes fun and aims to address concerns about GameFi adoption.

Decentralized gaming, better known as GameFi, has been quickly identified as one of the clear use cases for blockchain technology that has yet to see mass adoption. However, while the benefits of GameFi, like greater control and offering tangible rewards, have been well marketed, most gaming is still done on a centralized platform. To put things in perspective, Fortune Business Insights estimates that the global gaming market size was valued at $249.55 billion in 2022 and will grow from $281.77 billion in 2023 to $665.77 billion by 2030. In contrast, blockchain gaming, according to Markets and Markets, accounted for only $4.6 billion in 2022, and is expected to grow to $65.7 billion by 2027.

Despite such low adoption to date, blockchain technology offers users greater control through decentralization, allowing players to set game rules, mechanics and upgrade features, and engage in distributed voting mechanisms to determine which games should be added to the platform. Additionally, as gamers spend more time playing video games, the ability to own in-game assets will allow them to earn cryptocurrency that can be redeemed for tangible rewards, making gameplay far more valuable from an outsider’s perspective.

So if the benefits of GameFi are so clear, why is mass adoption so slow? Currently, many games focus on the underlying technology first and the fun aspect second. If you look at many first-generation blockchain games on the market, it’s clear that developers were more concerned with the crypto-earning aspect of their games, giving users multiple opportunities to participate in crypto-collecting activities at the expense of actual gameplay value.

Fun comes first

In response to these challenges, Gala Games, a pioneering gaming platform, has set out to revolutionize the gaming landscape. Its approach focuses on enhancing gameplay quality and streamlining the onboarding process for Web3 games, aiming to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and player enjoyment, thereby paving the way for a brighter future for GameFi.

The platform hosts games ranging from Town Star — similar to Farmville and created by many of the same people who made the famous simulation game — to PvP brawler Spider Tanks. While these are just two of many games available, the emphasis on competition, thinking and other cognitive skills before the blockchain element give these games a fun edge.

Furthermore, Gala Games is poised to introduce upcoming titles that carry an even greater impact. The Walking Dead: Empires stands as a testament to the platform’s innovation, a survival game forged through collaboration with AMC’s iconic series The Walking Dead. Adding to this anticipation is Last Expedition, a triple-A, PvPvE shooter, masterfully developed by the minds behind the illustrious Halo 2.

Bringing the same thrill to Web3

Gala Games has launched its new Gala NFT Mystery Boxes, each of which includes three assorted NFTs. The platform compares the unboxing experience to the surprise and excitement of tearing open a pack of Pokemon cards, where users don’t know what they’ll get but optimistically hope for that one rare collectible. What sets Gala NFT Mystery Boxes apart is their inclusion on GalaChain, ensuring buyers enjoy a gas-free experience when purchasing, opening or interacting with the NFTs. Moreover, every item discovered within these boxes holds intrinsic value, either contributing to an ongoing game or a forthcoming release, dispelling any notion of mere trivial finds.

Source: Gala Games

Source: Gala Games

Gala NFT Mystery Boxes come in multiple tiers, catering to users with varying budget preferences. The Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond tiers offer different levels of rarity and power for the discovered NFTs. The team has dedicated extensive effort to this product, driven by the desire to provide the Gala community with a thrilling unboxing experience and a seamless journey with gas-free transactions on GalaChain.

But there’s more to Gala NFT Mystery Boxes than just NFTs. Users can experience the thrill of the unknown by discovering “chests” hidden inside these boxes. These chests are a treasure trove of hidden treasures that contain not only in-game NFTs but also cryptocurrency rewards. Inside you might find the token GALA, the lifeblood of the Gala ecosystem, or SILK, the cryptocurrency that powers the Spider Tank universe. The higher the level of the box, the more tokens users uncover in these chests, adding an extra layer of excitement and value to each unboxing.

Playing off the child-like excitement one would traditionally feel from playing with trading cards, Gala NFT Mystery Boxes aim to bring the same level of fun and excitement to Web3 gaming as part of a more extensive discussion on adoption.

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