Personal Details

Nguyen Tran Bao Phuong, born 1988, currently living in Ho Chi Minh City


Educational background in cultural studies and languages

Professional experience and achievement

Bao Phuong is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Bitcoin Vietnam Co. Ltd., the company that launched the first Bitcoin exchange in Vietnam back in March 2014. The team behind Bitcoin Vietnam recently also launched Vietnam’s first live trading platform, “VBTC.”

She has several years of experience in the educational sector on an international level with British Council Vietnam.


Recreation, languages, asset management

First experience with cryptocurrencies

Bao Phuong got involved with Bitcoin around the time of the crisis in Cyprus back in March 2013, when her family was forced to reassess its strategies to store value securely and without large counterparty risk.  

Her initial experience with Bitcoin was when she got send her first Bitcoins during a Skype conversation between Vietnam and Europe. Regarding the instant transfer of money around the globe for nearly no cost, she says: "From here it was a no-brainer to see the potential value of this technology!"