Here is this week’s edition of the latest places, people, and businesses accepting Bitcoin.

Flight Search Engine Welcomes Payments by Bitcoin, a flight search engine with over 12 years of experience in online air ticket booking services, is now accepting payments in Bitcoin. The company claims to offer competitive airline tickets in as little as 3 minutes. With over 1.2 million people who have already opted for their services, prides itself with unbeatable offers and 100% customer satisfaction. Entering the world ofcryptocurrencies and accepting Bitcoin is just another way of remaining on top of their game.

Lawyer services for Bitcoin

Paul Overhauser, intellectual property attorney with offices in Greenfield and Indianapolis, has just announced that his business is now accepting payments in Bitcoin. He mentioned that most of his customers are technologically sophisticated, which is why he believes that adopting the digital currency was a smart move. As Bitcoin gains wider exposure and acceptance, Overhauser is certain that it’s wise to adopt it as payment for legal services.

Paul has been using bitcoins for over a year to buy goods, and he mentions that there are many important online retailers that accept the digital currency, such as Dell and Overstock. He adds:

“What makes money currency is trust, […]. What gives that value to you is your trust that when you take a dollar bill out of your pocket and hand it to a merchant, they will accept it. The collective trust people have in Bitcoin is increasing.”

Gourmet Food Company in Northern Michigan

Traverse Bay Farms is a gourmet food company that recently announced they’re accepting Bitcoin as payment mode. They’re also America’s no. 1 super fruit company, having won 23 national food awards over the years. One of the founders of the farm, Andy LaPointe, talks about the needs of his customers, adding that:

"Customers want to work with companies that are innovative, as well as work with companies that are forward thinking when looking at different options to deliver better services to their customers" […] "that's why we're offering Bitcoin."

Those who want to use the cryptocurrency to pay for goods will benefit from instant exchange from BTC to US dollars, so there won’t be any kind of fluctuations in value.

Online Moving Equipment Company Listens to the Voice of Its Customers and Goes Crypto, an online moving equipment company located in Lakewood, NJ, has decided to listen to the voice of its customers and adopt Bitcoin as payment system. The company decided to enter the crypto world after a Reddit user posted a thread asking the website to consider Bitcoin. Within 24 hours from the request, a BTC option was up and running.

“Called up the other day asking about shipping times for an item. Mentioned they should accept Bitcoin. A day later they were all set up with BitPay. Asking works!”

Now customers can also take advantage of a 1% discount when paying with Bitcoin.

Australian Charity

Latrobe Valley Support Network (LVSN) is a non-profit charity located in Latrobe Valley, an urban area of the Gippsland region, in Victoria, Australia. The organization’s mission is to offer support to those who can’t manage on their own. They provide food, blankets, clothes and other essential goods, in order to help the community’s spirit and improve the lives of its locals. LVSN has just introduced Bitcoin into their donation support system, thus allowing everyone to contribute.

South African Furniture Company

South African furniture company Mobler has just announced it will accept payments by Bitcoin. Mobler designs custom furniture, and it offers clients interactive services that are settled online. Because the company’s concept is to provide services internationally, Bitcoin appears to be the perfect fit for this including securing and convenience.

Mobler used to be a designer/maker workshop. Markus Root, CEO of Mobler, talked about the company’s new concept adding that they decided to stop manufacturing and focus on providing exquisite design services. Mobler believes that Bitcoin make payments effortless and fast for its customers. Mr. Root highlighted:

“Most of the risk associated with the design and delivery process simply falls away, because we are able to do our work with the knowledge that payment has been secured via our BitGo wallet using a multisig transaction. Equally, the client is not left wondering what they’re going to receive in exchange for their money, because they can approve and influence the design as it evolves.”

Women’s Organization Accepts Bitcoin Donations

US women’s organization GoTopless was founded in 2007 by spiritual leader Rael. The group fights for gender equality and wants to give women the right to appear topless in public, just like men. Rael mentions that “As long as men are allowed to be topless in public, women should have the same constitutional right. Or else, men should have to wear something to hide their chests."

GoTopless has just started accepting donations by Bitcoin, and by 2020, the founders are hoping to take the case to the Supreme Court. Accepting Bitcoin on a Global Scale helped Bitcoin reach international recognition when it decided to adopt the payment system earlier this year. At the time, the tech-based retail company didn’t allow all countries to purchase things in the digital currency but has announced plans to do so in September. Right on cue, Patrick Byrne, CEO, has officially declared that everyone in the world can now buy things with bitcoins. He adds:

“As long as you can get on the internet, you can order and pay in Bitcoin.” is more financially stable than ever before, as it can now afford to offer great services to its global marketplace. At last, Overstock can start shipping things to countries that were once fiscally inaccessible. With Bitcoin, Patrick Byrne has high hopes for his company, highlighting that the digital currency may help expand and develop its international presence. He concluded:

“We’ve never had a strong international business, and this is a good first step towards building one.”

Bonus: Video Sharing Website LiveLeak Resumes Bitcoin Donations

LiveLeak is a well-known video sharing website originally from the UK. Founded in 2006, it started accepting BTC donations almost 3 months ago. Apparently, the decision to start accepting Bitcoin received a lot of backlash from users so they the option was taken down. Now, it is good to see the Bitcoin donation button up and running again, although this author is still wondering why anyone would protest an additional payment option in the first place.

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