Step by step the bitcoin users are trying to find the possibility to use this currency for traveling.

On Bitcoin.Travel website or Facebook there is a great list of cafes, transportation firms, hotels and other companies all around the world stating they can and will accept payments in bitcoins.

For example, based in New Jersey firm "A Class Limousine" provides different cars for point-to-point travel. The bitcoins are accepted here since this January. Account manager Aaron Williams explained that bitcoin is a cheap, quick, and risk-free payment method. He added that the greatest benefit of using bitcoin is that there's no currency exchange that's why company's services can be used easily by people from every country.

In Santa Cruz travelers can use bitcoin to pay for airport shuttles, wine tours and even wedding, because the firm "Santa Cruz Experience" also accepts this currency. The CEO Austin Twohig mentioned that they decided to start accepting bitcoin because its fee charges are lower than credit cards fees. So far nobody tried to pay for services with bitcoin but Austin would accept it with pleasure.

Mike LaGrotta, CEO and co-founder travel company "Techno Tourist" tells he is accepting bitcoin because it really helps avoid bank fees and for transfers from North America and Eastern Europe this is a fast payment method.

Company eGifter is offering gift cards of more than 150 brands such as American Airlines,, Carnival and Celebrity cruise lines etc. There are also cards for such products as meals or gasoline. Gift cards can be purchased with bitcoins since this August. eGifter is using Coinbase platform which automatically converts received bitcoin to cash.

The CEO Tyler Roye says that accepting bitcoin is a good chance for them to attract new customers because people don't really have a plenty of places to spend their cryptocurrency.

The extreme security of selected payment provider helps the company to avoid the damage of shields the company from market instability and other risks associated with accepting bitcoins.

It is also completely clear that it was easy to start offering this option to clients because nothing can be easier than to create a bitcoin wallet.