OKCoin Looking to ‘Raise Bitcoin Awareness,’ CEO to Host Reddit AMA

Chinese exchange OKCoin is looking to develop a stronger community and will be multiplying initiatives both locally and on social media to raise Bitcoin awareness and promote its brand within the industry, Emily Shanahan, international marketing manager at OKCoin, told Cointelegraph.

The company's CEO Star Xu, will be hosting an AMA session on Reddit, Thursday, February 5, in order to address questions and concerns from the community, and emphasize the company's efforts to bond with its users and build its global brand.


"Build a Bitcoin ecosystem"

The company said it will foment communication channels via social media outlets, and is looking to host biweekly open discussions with the community. "We want to engage further in the form of scheduled open discussions and develop a better forum platform," said Shanahan.

She further added:

"We understand the value that stems from not only creating a community, but also fomenting a sense of identity and loyalty for our current and future users."

OKCoin, which claims to be the only Bitcoin company to host regular meetups on digital currencies in a city with a growing interest in the technology, will continue to organize the Beijing Bitcoin Meetup's monthly events to offer a network opportunity for businesses and raise Bitcoin awareness, said Shanahan.

"These meetups have been geared not only to explain aspects about the bitcoin market, but also OKCoin’s role in the industry. [...] As OKCoin continues to build a bitcoin ecosystem, it is crucial to incorporate a sense of community in order to fully succeed."

Beijing-based OKCoin is currently one of the leading digital currency exchange platforms in volume with more than 170,000 BTC traded each day. The company unveiled in late 2014 its intentions on building the global 'OKCoin' brand and is moving forward with its plan to lead the market.

"We are not threatened by competitors," concluded Shanahan, "Our decision to open up to the public has been driven by the desire to promote brand awareness and a concise understanding of what OKCoin has done and will continue to do for the industry."

Star Xu

On January 30, CEO Star Xu, published a public statement on his company's blog, detailing OKCoin's missions and identity within the industry. He emphasized on OKCoin's ambition in becoming "the company that drives the growth of Bitcoin," as well as to be one of "the largest Bitcoin companies in the world," while noting that OKCoin was currently working on improving the transparency of its exchange. 

Xu's Reddit AMA session will occur on Thursday, February 5th at 11:30am EST. 

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