Personal Details 

Oladapo Ajayi (Ola), born 1983, currently living in New York City 


NYU, school of hard knocks and school of life (ongoing) 

Professional experience and achievement 

Ola co-founded, a project which attempted to take on mobile app platforms such as Google Play and the Apple App Store by issuing gamified reward incentives to both consumers and mobile developers. The project closed after two years of development due to costs. He has also worked on numerous software development and marketing projects. 


Truther, voluntarist, staying fit by being health conscious and working out, bringing radical technology to the marginalized, decentralization, legitimacy by market adoption 

First experience with cryptocurrencies 

Ola says he first became aware of Bitcoin in late 2010 when he saw a video of Gavin Andresen talking about technology. He was working with his co-founders, and they began to discuss whether to use their media lab’s resources to mine Bitcoin. 

Role in the Bitcoin community 

As a longtime software developer, Ola has had to shift into a new paradigm of networking and P2P applications. He works full time on building Bitcoin and NXT applications, including Coinsigner, NXT Poker and a steal remittance app, all of which bring on new users by virtue of ease of use, e-commerce opportunities and remittances. 

Ola is also an NXT evangelist.