On Wallets and Safety, Part 3: Internet or Web Wallets

The two previous articles of the series acquainted the auditory with desktop and mobile wallets. After the chosen classification the last type is known as Internet or web wallets. Today we are going to observe the advantages and disadvantages, and provide a list of most interesting services to consider establishing a wallet.

The definition of described group of wallets might be following – Internet or web wallets enable the owner of Bitcoins to use them on any browser, even on a mobile devices, and often offer additional services. As the responsibility is divided with the provider of the service, still choose the appropriate wallet carefully and deliberately.  


The Pros and Cons of Web Wallets

The advantage of mobile wallets is inherent for web wallets as well – they can be used everywhere and are portable. As such type of wallets can be accessed through the browser, it can be opened on any mobile device, desktop computer or other equipment connected to the Internet without any additional and special applications or software installation.

If we observe the level of safety and protection, it should be mentioned that web wallets are unsecure in comparison to other. The Internet and permanent connection to it carries the possibility to suffer a hacker attack, making the funds very vulnerable.


Most Interesting Wallets to Consider


The Blockchain.info is a really user-friendly hybrid wallet. The encrypted version of a wallet is stored online, but the decryption process happens in the browser of the user upon request. To raise the level of security, remember to use the browser extension and email backups.



Coinbase has set itself the standard of easy and comfortable use – it helps to attract most users that are not going to dive in technological nuances. In addition, it provides very attractive and necessary features – an Android web wallet app, merchant tools and integration with USA bank account to deposit and withdraw fiat funds.



Coinkite is a web wallet and debit card service at the same time. It aims to provide a service that is easy to use. The key features are operation on mobile devices, merchant tools, POS (point of sale) payment terminals. Coinkite is a hybrid wallet and a full reserve vault.


Observing the mentioned features of the key and most popular web service providing wallets, one might draw the conclusion that this type is very closely related to mobile wallets. Definitely, there are other services and platforms not mentioned in this article, choosing one most appropriate for You, remember to evaluate all strong and weak points, safety level and provided additional services. In case You need more advise do not hesitate to contact the editorial board of the Coin Telegraph or any of our journalists.  



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