One-of-a-kind Altcoin Convention in New York Today, 9 April
Today sees the Cryptocurrency Convention 2014 take place in New York. Despite taking place only the day after the Inside Bitcoin conference, the ambitious message on the event’s website promises “an experience you will remember forever”. 

So what’s this convention all about and how will it leave its mark on the attendees? 

The premise is simple: to bring together a wide variety of crypto experts and coins under one roof and offer the chance for members of the public to get information and answers first-hand. 

General appeal rather than niche aspects discussed in superfluous detail could well be what the education of Bitcoin needs right now, and the breadth of speakers invited to the sold-out event is indeed impressive as well as varied. 

The majority of those giving talks are coin creators. Indeed, the conference could well be the first major event to give a platform to altcoins. 

As can be expected, each enterprise offers a unique selling point to inform consumers further about just what is possible with cryptocurrencies. 


Pot Ryan Ridgeway, developer of the Icoin wallet, said: 

“Can’t wait to speak at the event and meet like-minded crypto currency advocates! Should be an amazing time.” 

Financial analyst Reggie Middleton, author of, will introduce Ultracoin, a Bitcoin wallet which not only provides Bitcoin transfer but also “trade value against nearly any financial, intellectual or commodity asset with practically no counterparty risk.” 

The more alternative side of cryptocurrency is also represented. Battlecoin, for example, seeks to “eliminate and destroy all weak cryptocurrency”. While this may sound outlandish, it mirrors aspirations of exciting enterprises as Ethereum, whose joint innovator Charles Hoskinson told Let’s Talk Bitcoin of the benefits of consolidating the Bitcoin marketplace to provide a more solid, straightforward experience to the lay consumer. 

 While there is no livestream for the event, the organisers tweeted that full coverage will be made available online afterwards.

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