Lithuanian online electronic gadget retailer, Promaksa, has begun accepting Bitcoin for its electronic goods.

Getting drones to headphones for Bitcoins

Promaksa is a way for Lithuanians to buy electronic gadgets easily and cheaply online. Via their website, they sell a multitude of electronic gadgets that might not otherwise be available to Lithuanians, including:

  • Drones: DJI, Yuneec, Parrot, 3DR Robotics, HEXO+, XIRO
  • Drone accessories: Flytrex GPS loggers, cases, PolarPro Filters
  • Cameras and camera accessories: GoPro, Garmin, TomTom, Brinno, RAM, JOBY, cases
  • Headphones: The Pirate Bay, Yurbuds
  • Smart watches and sports watches: Pebble, Garmin
  • Other products and accessories: GoPole, SP Gadgets, XSories, TomTom navigation systems, RC hobby items, phone armbands, memory cards,
  • Apple products: iPads, iPhones

For many customers, this service is vital in order to fulfil their electronic gadget needs.

Other retailers may follow

Promaksa has recently allowed a new generation of electronic gadget consumers to use their website through their implementation of Bitcoin payments. They recognise the innovativity of Bitcoin and its ability to revolutionise the economic landscape. The hope amongst the Lithuanian Bitcoin community is that this will lead other retailers to follow Promaksa’s lead and start accepting Bitcoin payments. However, evidence of this has yet to be seen.