The UK division of online takeaway provider Just-Eat announced this past week on Facebook that it is flirting with the idea of accepting Bitcoin payments.


In response to a Facebook user who suggested the company accept Bitcoins, a representative replied from the Facebook account:


“[Y]ou never know what may come in the future. We’re looking into Bitcoin. We’ll keep you all posted.”


Just-Eat has a presence in 13 different countries, including Canada, the UK, France and Italy. The 13-year-old company processes millions or orders for takeaway food every years, and the service claims to bring in more than $1 billion in revenue for its entire network of clients.


At the time of writing, more than 36,000 restaurants use Just-Eat for online orders.


That said, only the UK market seems to be potentially open to Bitcoin payments. There was no indication that Bitcoin was being explored in the company’s 12 other markets.


We have previously reported on the success online takeaway order processors have found in Belgium and the Netherlands by opening up to Bitcoin.