Personal Details

Patrick Savalle, born in 1967, currently living in The Netherlands


Software architecture

Professional experience and achievement

Founder of Mobbr, a platform for paid online collaborations. Mobbr enables people to get paid for contributing to collaboration projects and platforms such as Github and StackExchange. Mobbr facilitates Bitcoin.

Before that, Patrick did the business development and innovation for a large international IT company, having developed their social computing proposition, called TeamPark. He also helped build the mobile development / app-strategy proposition and other new technologies.


Multi-disciplinary engineering, technology trends (in particular cryptocurrencies, of course), geopolitics, science fiction, conspiracies

First experience with cryptocurrencies

It was not love at first sight. When Patrick learned about Bitcoin a few years ago, he did not immediately recognize its potential. When he realized the underlying platform could be used as a decentralized ledger for any kind of property, he became a huge fan and ambassador.

Role in the Bitcoin community

Mobbr is the first Dutch payment platform to facilitate Bitcoin. Mobbr believes Bitcoin will become a more widely used means of exchange, and people should be able to earn Bitcoins. Mobbr is making that happen.

Patrick is also an opinion leader and inspirational speaker on Bitcoin and other tech trends; co-author of the paper “Bitcoin 2.0 - It's the platform, not the currency, stupid” as featured on The Next Web.