Everyone knows that proper pet care and veterinary aid are important when it comes to ensuring your pet’s health. If your pet needs specialized help, finding the right veterinary clinic is crucial.

The Pawsitive Veterinary Care in Kelowna, BC, is a clinic where your little pet will be treated by professionals with love and care. And now, they accept Bitcoin as well as Litecoin.

The Pawsitive Veterinary Care clinic was established in 2000 by Dr. Moira Drosdovech in order to help little patients through holistic therapy combined, when necessary, with conventional medicine and diagnostics.

We were able to contact Dr. Moira and ask her some questions about the clinic and how it uses digital currency to help animals.

“We have a holistic and integrative veterinary practice here established in 2002 and are very busy, but never too busy to turn down new business,” Dr. Moira Drosdovech told to Cointelegraph, “especially since we love educating pet owners about various things like do or don't on vaccines, raw diets, chiropractic care, and so on. We also have all of the conventional options, like surgery, dentistry, x-rays, etc.”

- Dr. Moira Drosdovech 

Veterinarians here try to provide effective and least invasive treatment plan possible. Also the holistic veterinary medicine they practice is aimed to improve any pet’s life. Holistic medicine refers to complimentary and alternative therapies. They say that a more appropriate term to describe holistic veterinary care might be “integrative medicine” because while there is a primary focus on non-conventional therapies, conventional medicine and procedures are also applied if and when they are needed.

However, The Pawsitive Veterinary Care is forward-thinking both in pet treatment and new payment technologies adoption. Dr. Moira explained:

“We are a progressive clinic and have recently joined a global rewards card program which is very cool too as I think of it as a global barter exchange with its own "internal" currency. If you have an interest in building a business that will get you true residual income forever, then seriously, get a free card from me and start investigating it. It is my retirement fund! Just let me know if you want one!”

As many other founders of places that start to accept digital currency Dr. Moira first learned about Bitcoin after one of her friends told her about it. Dr. Moira said:

“My very good friend, Steve Merrill, who runs the Sovereign Silver Exchange that has a bitcoin investor made me aware of it about November 2013 and at first, it was too "out there" for me to comprehend, so it took me about 3 months to jump in and then, because I embrace most alternative things to do with finance and health, it seemed a logical transition to accept it at the veterinary clinic too!”

At the moment there are not so many people who pay with digital currency. Though, it is only a question of time before people realize the benefits of Bitcoin and it becomes the preferred payment method. That is also why they have recently acquired a CoinKite terminal to exchange Bitcoin and Litecoin back and forth. 

Therefore, the Pawsitive Veterinary Care can not only help your pet but will also provide you with a convenient payment method. Now, the next step will be to install a Bitcoin ATM. 

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