Personal Details

Philip Agyei Asare, born 1988, currently in Kumasi, Ghana


BSc. in Administration

Professional experience and achievement

Philip is the Founder and CEO of Pak Universal Services, which offers quality service including bulk messaging solutions; internet/information, marketing consultancy and training; domain registration and hosting; web design; and general printing.

PAKSMSGH, a web-based mobile communication platform that allows you to send text messages from your computer or internet-enabled devices, is an arm of Pak Universal Services and is one of the leading SMS gateway providers in Africa, and is No.1 in Ghana for customized bulk SMS text messaging, delivering to more than 600 networks in over 200 countries around the world.

Philip is also a libertarian, is an executive member of SFL-Ghana and is also the  founder of Dream Foundation Ghana. He wants to empower Ghana, and Africa in general, by helping to spread the use of Bitcoin and the blockchain platform that enables cryptocurrencies and many other new technologies.


Online marketing, SMS advertising, article writing, decentralization

First experience with cryptocurrencies

Philip first heard about Bitcoin while at university in 2010, but he did not actually try using the technology until January 2014.

Role in the Bitcoin community

Philip is the founder of Dream Foundation Ghana, a non-profit created to empower young entrepreneurs, whom he says are the intellectual, social and cultural lifeblood of a country. The foundation brings together young entrepreneurs and helps them establish their various businesses online to serve an international market, with Bitcoin as the means of payment.

Philip is also a member of the Conscious Entrepreneurship Foundation and a 37coins gateway operator.