Looking beyond the new breed of cryptocurrency millionaires, there is an asset class that can unlock the ticket to economic freedom by solving many of the current shortcomings of the traditional financial system. At a basic level, economic freedom starts with the right for people to control their own property both in the country they reside in and across the globe.

The world has recently become aware of the lack of freedom in this matter, with examples including the well-known trading app Robinhood ceasing the trading of GameStop stocks temporarily, effectively locking investors out of this market and highlighting a current imbalance in financial power. Although Robinhood shows just one example, it, in many cases, has demonstrated enough proof that cryptocurrencies as a financial instrument may be the key to creating equality and placing ownership back in the hands of investors.

However, for this change to become evident, proper infrastructure is needed to bridge users from the diverse offerings at their disposal today. Until recently, gateways between traditional finance (TradFi) tools to decentralized finance (DeFi) were many in number, requiring users to become versed in multiple tools. For this reason, offerings like Wallex have gained popularity in the market for providing an all-in-one compliant solution for fiat and digital asset management. 

"With our infrastructure, we empower the future of fiat and digital assets by delivering a unique experience," Simone Mazzuca, the CEO and founder of Wallex, reiterates.

The ecosystem, which effectively includes a group of financial institutions, consists of solutions for automation, neobanking, investment, crowdfunding, tokenization, compliance, payments and asset custody, among other offerings, in support of individuals, businesses, brokers, fintechs, merchants and exchanges.

A compliant-focused mission

Operating first and foremost as a fiat and digital asset bridge, Wallex supports the most commonly encountered currencies and cryptocurrencies to enable easy transactions between them. However, while many exchanges have excelled in their diverse asset availability, they struggle to compare with traditional financial tools, which are regulated, guaranteeing user security. 

Wallex aims to address this by providing extensive currency offerings while simultaneously mirroring traditional financial instruments in terms of compliance. Among Wallex's roster is a future banking model, complete with crypto or fiat interest payments, savings accounts, easy withdrawals and card services that pay 10% back on spending.

Neobanking represents a subset of their greater platform, in which user confidence is ensured with a structure that is compliant, regulated and secure due to its oversight by regulators and therefore audited as a traditional financial institution would be. The platform also holds several licenses for its jurisdictions, including recognition as an approved investment manager by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission and the Czech National Bank. Compliance efforts require constant monitoring to ensure alignment with newly adopted legislative changes. These strict protocols provide confidence that users' funds are secure for the long term, an oversight of many offerings on the market today.

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Rounding out the all-in-one solution is a host of methods to increase one's income. Users are prompted to access new financial opportunities such as staking, which provide earnings beyond the digital asset's appreciation.

New project support

With growing demand, Wallex services are now available in over 200 jurisdictions across Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa. The platform currently serves over 500,000 clients with $7.4 billion in turnover and 218 solutions onboarded.

Wallex's far-reaching set of offerings is said to provide a strong foundation as its team continues to support project innovators. As such, the Wallex-as-a-service platform will continue to enable developers to add to the growing digital ecosystem and support the path towards economic freedom.

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