The world continues to raise excitement for artificial intelligence, boosting demand for associated training datasets. With good training data, models learn quickly, in turn making accurate decisions.

The only caveat is that good data is hard to get, with big tech companies hoarding any information they collect. Consequently, data becomes expensive to purchase, limiting the number of projects that can take advantage of AI use cases.

Synesis One emerged as the solution for growing data concerns, taking an original stance on AI training. With Synesis One, users can create datasets that can be used for AI, pegging each to a nonfungible token (NFT). As an NFT, data is decentralized and more readily available to AI projects. Furthermore, users who own the data can be properly rewarded for their contributions as projects use the created sets. 

Further developing the AI data use case, the platform has positioned itself as the world’s first DAO for play-to-earn data yield farming and NFT data marketplace on Solana (SOL). The team continues to propel this concept forward, most recently engaging in a landmark deal that has the potential to establish AI data as a use case in play-to-earn (P2E) gaming.

By working alongside Yield Guild Games (YGG) and Mind AI, the project’s first beneficiary that utilizes natural language reasoning to produce conversational AI systems, Synesis One shares that 10% of all revenue will be shared with the players.

Unleashing the power of P2E

Revenue from Mind AI is possible by providing AI customer service and web integration to corporate clients. The SaaS model currently used is what generates revenue, as corporate clients will pay Mind AI a recurring fee every time their software accesses Mind AI’s engine. 

Currently, the team boasts their largest client as being Villa Market, an international and specialty grocery provider based in Thailand. Villa Market currently operates 34 branch locations, producing almost $300 million in annual revenue. This client is only one of the proposed clients, with 30 more said to be added to Mind AI in 2022. These numbers show promise for earning potential, as a higher return for this partner means more rewards for platform users.

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Key to what Synesis One hopes to accomplish is a secondary partnership with Yield Guild Games (YGG), a decentralized play-to-earn gaming guild with region-specific subDAOs. 

Originally founded in late 2020 by Beryl Li, Gabby Dizon and Owl of Moistness, YGG has invested in over 25 games, with over 16,000 Axie Infinity scholars. Axie Infinity now averages 2 million players each day, with over $343 million earned in fee revenue since its founding. With a strong history, partnering with Synesis One enables gamers to earn SNS tokens, which can later be redeemed for NFTs, traded for fiat currencies or held for the long haul.

In reflection of this partnership, Paul Lee, a co-founder of Synesis One, shares,

“This revolutionary partnership unleashes the power of P2E games to train AI data. This levels the playing field for data collection with Big Tech and their AI systems. This has never been done before, and we are absolutely thrilled to work with our partners to grow our ecosystem and to develop digital wealth creation opportunities for our guild gamers.”

Support for the project’s vision is further apparent through the $9.5 million raised from top-tier investors such as Culture Capital, MetaCartel VC, LD Capital, Kinetic Capital, Shima Capital, GBIC, NGC Ventures, Trent McConaghy, co-founder of OCEAN Protocol, Alex Alexandrov, founder of CoinPayments, and Pisit Poosanakhom, founder of Villa Market.

A future world for gaming

The team continues their progress by releasing a series of NFT-based games and data yield farming applications. The team shares that these games and applications will be released shortly, leading the series with the world’s first NFT graphic novel game, Quantum Noesis. Other notable releases include the Aquarius NFT collection through Kanon Exchange, the platform’s marketplace.

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