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This round table feels more like an octagon, with Cellos melancholy like Negative Nancy attitude towards bitcoin… Have you reached the same level of “fuck it” as Marcello? Meanwhile, Corey and Dee defend and discuss our beloved alt coins and speculate on the future of bitcoin, as a technology and how that will effect the price. Psst, theres a strip club on the blockchain… Yup… For the dirty details tap that… hit that… just press the play button.

WTF is a “cup-and-handle?”Tune in for some of the weirdest chart analysis.

“The opportunity is really about the problem.”

- Adam Draper

Looking to start a crypto start up? Maybe thinking about investing in a crypto start up, or just want some wise insight from a successful angle investor? Well well well, look no farther. We snagged a billionaire who knows his shit about crypto investing and picked his brain down to its last 2 cents.

Corey goes hard in the mu’fuckin' paint in this interview! This episode we have the wildly known crypto billionaire Adam freaking Draper, founder of Boost VC, in the studio. Adam is one of the only men who could easily build an Iron Man suit. He blesses us with priceless insight on bitcoin and blockchain, both as an investment and as a technology. If you’re looking for next level bitcoin commentary, press play and prepare to LVL up PAB…

“I don’t think people credit CoinBase enough.”

- Adam Draper

Adam got into bitcoin in 2012, so much in fact, he left his company Xpert Financial to become an angle investor in many blockchain startups like CoinBase. Who he credits for educating early investors on bitcoin and blockchain. Adam has made billions for himself since, and plans on making billions more. So it’s safe money to bet on this episode being worth a listen.

“Making science-fiction a reality.”

- Adam Draper

It’s not everyday we get to talk to “the money” in the space, so Corey wastes not and asks the questions that are worth answering. Corey gets us the goods in this interview, covering past, present and the future of bitcoin and blockchain.

“Start with buying bitcoin.”

- Adam Draper

The influence of conversations like this is limitless. Like watching a John Claude Van Damme movie and having an uncontrollable urge to try and do a split. All I wanna do now after listening to this is find a problem and build a solution using the blockchain. All I know is, if I ever get in an elevator with Adam Draper I’ll have plenty of pitches to choose from. If this interview doesn't make your mind race and burst with creativity, I have bad news… You probably don’t have a pulse.

In ten words or less, what is bitcoin?

“Internet money.”

- Adam Draper