It is hard to think it's been eight months since Ryan X Charles came onto our show, as we are in dire need of an update on what he was been working on. There are a lot of great content creators on the internet, but most of them aren’t earning any money. Yours is a way to solve this problem. So, what is Yours? There are a myriad of different ways we could possibly go about explaining it. We could nail you with the technical specifics, and dance around that with a few marketing slogans, perhaps say the buzzword “content monetization” a bunch — but we won’t. By thoughtfully incentivizing payments to creators, they give people a reason to pay for content on the internet. Their app depends on an integrated bitcoin wallet, and this week they have made important progress enabling small payments with low fees: they have broadcast our first micropayment on bitcoin testnet. Well hot damn.

While in theory the platform could adopt local tokens or other crypto assets , Charles and his team are devoted in building a completely decentralised and peer-to-peer network where users can fund and incentivise content providers without financial and technical limitations.

Once the Yours platform is launched, Charles believes that it will set a positive precedent for other companies and startups utilising bitcoin micropayments. Let's get to it!