Czech company Marlyle Ltd. recently invested 56,000 euro into designing an ATM that will allow users to both buy and sell Bitcoins.

Three machines have been ordered from RoboCoin, the Prague Post reports, the first of which will find a home in Prague’s Smíchov district around April.

Nevada-based RoboCoin also made the world’s first public Bitcoin ATM, which was installed in a Vancouver coffee shop last fall. These new machines will differ from the first models, though, because they will allow anyone using them to also sell Bitcoins.

(The Prague Post was quick to note that the Bitcoin ATM over in Bratislava lacked such a function. Who wants to see a Czech-Slovak Bitcoin rivalry emerge?)

It appears Marlyle has big plans for Bitcoins in Prague and beyond.

“We believe that this versatile and customer oriented service makes trading with virtual currency available to people who are thinking about it today, but haven’t taken active steps yet because of the fear of technical difficulties or concerns about the safety of their investments,” said company representative Martin Stransky.

Marlyle Ltd. has indicated that future plans will be announced next month.