MAY 12 DIGEST: Pro-Bitcoin Expert Appointed Deputy U.S. CTO, BitFilm Releases ‘Satoshi’s Last Will’ Trailer

The White House has appointed Ed Felter, a long time researcher of Bitcoin, as the Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer; BitFilm has released a trailer for an upcoming movie about Satoshi Nakamoto and more top stories for May 12, 2015.

Ed Felten, a Bitcoin Researcher, joins White House as the Deputy Chief Tech Officer.

The White House announced the appointment of Ed Felten as Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer. Many in the Bitcoin community have interpreted this as a positive sign of interest from the Obama administration with respect to blockchain technology.

Mr. Felten has a long time interest in cryptocurrency and has on many occasions voiced support for it including comments during New York BitLicense hearings.

White House statement:

“Ed joins a growing number of techies at the White House working to further President Obama’s vision to ensure policy decisions are informed by our best understanding of state-of-the-art technology and innovation, to quickly and efficiently deliver great services for the American people, and to broaden and deepen the American people’s engagement with their government.”

BitFilm has Released 'Satoshi's Last Will' Trailer

BitFilm has released the trailer for ‘Satoshi's Last Will’, a full-length fiction film set in a future world where Bitcoin and the Blockchain rule. It is a classical thriller plot that gi