Thanks to blockchain and nonfungible tokens (NFTs), celebrities and influencers can implement new ways to better interact with their fans and audiences. One project is taking this concept further still by building an ecosystem that combines NFTs, a proprietary metaverse, and lots of activities that give users access to top celebrities.

Known as the Fancy Bears Metaverse, the ecosystem created by Fanadise revolves around entertainment, social media interactions and celebrities. The Fancy Bears Metaverse (FBM) gives users access to artists, influencers, top athletes and Nobel prize winners and others who participate in the Fancy Bears Club. What is more,  their content can be monetized in a multitude of ways, from royalty payments, NFTs, to 3D avatars and more.

So what’s up with the bears? 

The project is hosting 8,888 NFTs representing fancy bears that give users access to the metaverse club, also referred to as the Metaclub. In the virtual club, users can join concerts, pool parties and even play tennis with their favorite creators. Fanadise will be hosting the Fancy Bears Annual Party, perhaps ironically twice a year, at which Fancy Bears club members can win luxurious prizes, such as a Ferrari or a yacht.

The NFTs act like profile pictures (PFP) or avatars providing holders access to the Metaclub. They are a great and effective way not only to prove your membership to other members of the Fancy Bears club but also to your online social circle. NFT PFPs are increasingly more integrated into the metaverse – the 3D virtual universe that has taken the internet by storm.

“Web 3.0 is upon us. An internet of apps built on blockchains, in which crypto and NFT’s play an increasingly important, if not intrinsic, role. We didn’t want to just be spectators in this trend. FBM is our contribution to this internet shift,” says Jakub Chmielniak, co-founder of Fancy Bears Metaverse.  

As co-founder Bartek Sibiga puts it, “It’s simple. Fancy Bears are Europe’s answer to the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The star power we have already attracted proves that point.”

Fanadise introduces the first European PFP NFT project with 3D scanning to access metaverse

Fancy Bear holders will get access to the Metaclub by going through a 3D scanning process to bring their avatars into the metaverse. This is the first PFP NFT project to do so.

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Besides the access to the 3D scanning, which will let holders  join the Metaclub and the Metaverse land, fancy bear holders will benefit from the following perks:

  • Rewards. Thirty percent of all royalties will be allocated to the lottery reward fund. In March 2022 (and once a year afterward), Fanadise will give one bear holder a dedicated Fancy Bear Ferrari. There will be other rewards as well, including holidays, 50 pairs of unique sneakers, fancy collectibles, and money. The total prize pot will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Special Bear Swag. All bear holders will get a t-shirt with their unique bear after three months and a hoodie after six months, which will be offered for free.
  • Exclusive deals for brands partnering with the Club. In the past, Fanadise worked with Samsung and l’Oreal, so be ready for big names.
  • Governance. Bear holders will be able to vote on the future of the Club. The FBM community will play an important part in the expansion of the ecosystem.
  • Honey Airdrops. Users will benefit from airdrops of Honey, which can be used to buy land in the metaverse.
  • Real-life meetups and parties with celebrities.
  • Last but not least, bear holders will have full commercial usage rights over their NFTs, which can be held, sold or transferred at will.

Out of the total of 8,888 NFT bears, 7,888 are reserved for the fancy club members. Everyone can become a member by joining the presale whitelist as well as the future public sale. 500 bears are allocated to fancy celebrities and athletes. The rest of them are reserved for fancy brands, team members and Karma holders.

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