At its simplest form, blockchain technology offers individuals a basis for sharing information and transactions between other people, businesses and software. However, the technology is just as exciting and known as a buzzword as it is functional, with many possible applications to solve real-world problems in innovative ways. For example, the technology has already been known to disrupt industries including (but not limited to) healthcare, real estate, supply chain and insurance. 

Although disruptive, programming the technology to solve these problems is complex, as blockchain is not sufficiently adopted by programmers worldwide. As a result, disruptive innovation opportunities often never reach their commercialization phase since the cycle is so long and expensive or deemed too ineffective based on the resources needed to incubate the idea, giving it time to grow and reach the market. 

To help address these concerns, Morpheus Labs set out to create an online platform that allowed programmers to easily learn and develop blockchain-based applications. The team has since become a leader in Blockchain-Platform-As-A-Service (BPaaS) for developers and enterprises alike. With this back end, blockchain startups gain access to a partner-driven model for end-to-end development that allows teams to manage their own applications without extensive costs and time.

As a result, the company was accelerated through Blockchain Foundry, Singaporean tech hub, and featured in the Singapore Blockchain Landscape Map and Tribe Accelerator, alongside names like Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. Morpheus Labs continues to place their belief in real utility blockchain with solutions that truly empower and solve pain points in the industry and beyond with promising progress made over the last four years. In other words, the team shares, they are “more than the hype.” 

Ready for launch

According to Morpheus Labs, the platform service is targeting to be the “Wix” of blockchain for enterprises, businesses and developers. 

The team has already released practical solutions that they believe will add value to the blockchain sphere by promoting education and services that further the adoption of the technology.

Among these solutions is the HUAWEI Cloud x Morpheus Labs Launchpad service, which is aimed at adopting blockchain for businesses. The launchpad service helps blockchain projects to accelerate their adoption by reaching out to key target segments. When used effectively, it also helps these projects reach out and open doors to a developers pool, live usage of their network or projects and provide outreach opportunities to the general public, creating more social noise and awareness. 

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The team has received several good responses so far and ensures quality is maintained by requiring all projects to go through a due diligence check to ensure the viability of the service. HUAWEI CLOUD and their various stakeholders took it to a webinar on Oct 28 to provide further insight.

Along with Morpheus Labs Launchpad Service, businesses can further supercharge their development lifecycle with the MLSEED platform, complete with infrastructure, protocols, use case references and other development tools. Therefore together, the MLSEED platform and the platform’s Launchpad Service can be accelerated as “go-to-market” solutions from the engagement, marketing and validation standpoint of new projects. 

When looking back at their progress so far, a member of their team shares, 

“Morpheus Labs is proud to facilitate the adoption of blockchain to individuals, businesses and enterprises - what we set out to do in our mission, through various means. From our Launchpad service with HUAWEI CLOUD to our reach via education. We work with strategic stakeholders to strategize and formulate solutions that will facilitate useful blockchain adoption.”

Educating the masses

Additionally, Morpheus Labs is encouraging the adoption of blockchain by promoting education in this sphere. Their platform has been purposefully designed to create a friendly ecosystem for students and professionals to learn more about the complex environment of blockchain and further propel them into a world that is talent-hungry for these skills.

Morpheus Labs is currently partnered with a university in Germany to provide blockchain courses. They are also working with a university in Nepal and ICON to organize hackathons for talented individuals in their area. The Morpheus Labs team continues to prioritize education, as evident from their outreach to Singapore’s largest union (in close workings with the government) to provide sponsorships and additional blockchain courses.

With many growth prospects ahead, initiatives have also been put in place to provide a gateway opportunity for emerging talent in developing countries and further helping to connect the unconnected.

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