People across the planet are gearing up for the metaverse, a virtual realm where digital and physical reality meet. Many have already developed an appreciation of the value stored within a digital asset such as nonfungible token (NFT) land or NFT art. However, this mindset change is only the beginning. After all, with digital currencies and assets as the foundation of a new world, who is to say, these applications can’t extend further with careers, businesses and entire global empires being built in the metaverse.

Consider that core to the metaverse is an independent virtual economy, presenting an ideal foundation for businesses. By this standard, new businesses could open as they do in the real world to serve a growing digital population, and physical businesses could begin making the transition to where consumers will soon be. At present, the only barrier really limiting business opportunities is the lack of a defined path to start.

Originally known as the Sin City Metaverse, the recently rebranded SinVerse enables business opportunities as one of the top metaverse projects, according to Forbes. Known as the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) on the blockchain, the multi-player game enables users to build clubs for their friends to hang out, venues for online events and compete in underworld activities to win in-game rewards. Additionally, the social component of gameplay is met with more standard constructs of metaverse projects: the ability to purchase and own a piece of virtual land.

SinVerse is taking ownership one step forward in their upcoming business license sale set to take place on April 10,, 2022. Through this release, the R-rated open-world game will demonstrate an initial step for businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to begin building their global empires in the metaverse.

A foundation built on 3D action

The SinVerse is built on several components, centering around the native 3D action-thriller game. Although fictional, the game was modeled after the most controversial crime cities in the world. Using real places as inspiration, “controversy” lies in violence and gore, present throughout each player’s journey to becoming an ultimate Kingpin and building an empire.

In a metaverse twist, SinVerse incorporates an undeveloped digital real estate component with 15,000 parcels of land. Players are then invited to purchase at least one parcel of land in the city and develop it using software development kits (SDK) provided in the development arena.

Using the team’s success in land development and sales, the platform’s upcoming business license sale further showcases the power of the virtual world. With an NFT license, which will cost 5,000 SIN tokens, players will get the opportunity to build businesses, including casinos, coffee shops, brothels and gun shops, among other underworld activities.

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SinVerse architecture is designed to be a base platform for other partners to host projects inside a greater metaverse or omniverse. Therefore, physical businesses may consider additional opportunities as a partner. Not only do efforts as an omniverse onboard these scalable projects, but they set the stage for a more comprehensive metaverse worthy of global empire pursuits.

Setting the stage for rapid growth

Although the SinVerse was launched in October 2021, the project already has over 25,000 holders and reported success in a recent digital land sale where a record was set in the sale of 4 of the 17 districts at $3.5 million in total. These stats further encouraged backing from Magnus Capital, Maven Capital, Twin Apex Capital, AU21 capital and a partnership with Vulcan Forged.

Together, these efforts have positioned SinVerse for the rest of its 2022 goals, which include launching a staking platform and tier 1 central exchange in preparation for the full SinVerse release.

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