Prototype for Blockchain-Based Gambling Protocol Released

DAO.Casino has announced the release of an MVP for its Blockchain-based gambling protocol with all basic features and several games. The protocol enables cooperation between trustless parties on the gambling market like game developers, casino operators, players and referrals.

The solution prototype offers all transactions between stakeholders to be given effect through the protocol’s token, BET, which is a standard ERC20 token that will be distributed during their forthcoming crowdsale campaign, scheduled to kick off on June 29, 2017.

Unlike traditional peers, DAO.Casino protocol offers transparency via complete openness of the source code and a P2P market that enables cooperation between the developing team and the community. It implies that the community may manage the games and raise funds for the bankroll.

The company also claims that with the introduction of this protocol, neither party has an edge over any other and the system automatically rewards all of them. Major payouts are said to be attainable due to the fact that decentralized casinos exclude manipulations and forgery inherent in traditional online casinos.

Additionally, DAO.Casino has rolled out an extended referral system that features registered user stats, referral links and the amount of BET one has received.