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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the distinction between Web2 and Web3 gaming has gained exponential significance. Web2 gaming is typically characterized by centralized, self-contained ecosystems, while Web3 gaming embraces blockchain technology, decentralization and the concept of players owning in-game assets.

The shift from Web2 to Web3 gaming has emerged as a central point of innovation and transformation within the gaming industry. In this interview, Naoki Motohashi, the producer of TOKYO BEAST, a crypto-entertainment IP project, delves into the dynamics of this profound shift in gaming paradigms. With a substantial background as a producer in Web2 social games, Motohashi provides his perspective on the driving forces behind this transition and the reasons why Web3 gaming is poised to reshape the gaming landscape.

Cointelegraph: Tell us more about your background and how you became the producer of TOKYO BEAST.

Naoki Motohashi: I was originally a producer of Web2 social games. However, when I received an offer from a contact to develop TOKYO BEAST, I accepted because I wanted to take on the challenge of Web3.

CT: What inspired you to move from Web2 social games to Web3 games?

NM: I believed that with Web3, we could create a unique and entertaining experience that wasn’t possible with Web2.

CT: What are your thoughts on the current state of the Web3 gaming market?

NM: Although it’s an extremely attractive market with great potential for hits, I think there are still a lot of immature products in terms of content. As Web3 technology develops, we need more content-rich games to expand the market.

CT: Can you provide a brief overview of what TOKYO BEAST is and what makes it unique in the Web3 gaming space?

NM: TOKYO BEAST is not just another Web3 game. We’re aiming for a true crypto entertainment IP project where Web3, Web2, the game’s universe, real-world gameplay, investment value and content entertainment all organically merge.

CT: What are some of the key features and strengths of TOKYO BEAST?

NM: The features we’ll release initially — Base, Farm, Trials and Betting — allow users with different preferences to enjoy their own experience. They are all interconnected through a universe and ecosystem, offering a new entertainment experience that transcends the boundaries between Web2 and Web3.

CT: Are you planning to expand your audience beyond the existing Web3 user base, and if so, what’s your strategy?

NM: Yes, we aim to attract a large number of Web2 users using our proprietary NFT proxy model, not just Web3 users.

CT: Can you explain what this NFT proxy model is?

NM: Players can use copy data from the BEAST NFTs owned by NFT holders to play the game. The value of an NFT holder’s BEAST NFT is determined by the performance of the BEAST NFT copy data in the game. This eliminates entry barriers such as initial NFT purchase and connecting one’s wallet, which are typical of other Web3 games, while maintaining the rarity of the NFTs by limiting their quantity.

CT: Can you give us a glimpse of the TOKYO BEAST’s future milestones?

NM: First, next year, we plan to release the functions Base, Farm, Trials and Betting, coinciding with the issuance of our proprietary cryptocurrency TBZ and an NFT sale. We also have plans for various project releases to expand the TOKYO BEAST universe and increase the utility of TBZ.

CT: What can viewers expect from the upcoming Polygon livestream event? Can you give us any more details?

NM: The livestream is our first opportunity to talk directly to our users, and I’d love to see just one more person come out to appreciate and support TOKYO BEAST.

The livestream event is scheduled to take place this Friday, Sept. 8, at 8 pm EST.

What makes this event special is the lineup of speakers we have. We’re honored to have Yoriko Beal, Polygon’s head of business development in Japan, joining us. Her insights into the industry and Polygon’s role in it will provide valuable perspectives.

CT: The gaming industry is rapidly evolving. How does TOKYO BEAST plan to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing trends?

NM: Our primary goal is to deliver true crypto entertainment that transcends the boundaries of Web2 and Web3. We also aim to launch projects that expand the TOKYO BEAST universe in line with evolving trends and technology, focusing on providing value to all our fans.

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