QuickCoin Launches BTC Facebook app with simple appeal

QuickCoin is takingits shot at mainstream Bitcoin adoption with the launch of an app which allowsBTC transfers to be made on Facebook.

With more and moreattention being given to Bitcoin, the race is on to convince social networkusers of its credentials. Now, QuickCoin has released an app to do just that:users log in to their Facebook account to access a ‘social wallet’, basically abalance, and select a Facebook friend to be the recipient of the transaction.

No place for decimals

Co-founder MarshallHayner explained it is part of a simple strategy surrounding Bitcoin adoptionwhich QuickCoin is seeking to pioneer. 

“Youdon’t need to know how DNS works to surf the internet, so why should you haveto know how Bitcoin works to use Bitcoin? The answer is clear: you shouldn’thave to,” he told Tim Hornyak in an online chat.

Alleviating the needto understand any of the technical aspects of Bitcoin requires quite someinterface skill, and the social wallets display both USD and bit balances. Thatis to say, even potentially off-putting decimals are shunned in favor ofexpressing sums in units worth 0.000001BTC each.

Hence, a US$5 balancewould alternatively be displayed as around 8548bits, something which maynevertheless take a fair amount of getting used to.

Quickcoin is in astrong position, however, being advised by Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer, andwe all know the viral power of the Dogecoin name. The app’s potential to spreadnonetheless hinges on its easy accessibility, and while Hayner maintains thatFacebook’s approval is not required, any hiccups in this respect could affectpopularity drastically.

“We realized if we could make something thatmakes sense for everyone to use, we could reach a large audience with anamazing world-changing technology, and that’s what we seek to do,” he continued.

Regardless of thepotential pitfalls, QuickCoin is certainly leading the way at present, andfuelled by the current Bitcoin momentum the potential for it to cement itsstatus as a genuinely popular social tool is becoming noticeable.