All right, that’s just silly. Only yesterday we covered the arrival of the GunCoin, which was already looking pretty unnecessary. Now that FlappyCoin stepped out for the world to see, I am not even surprised.

The Game

Well, Flappy Bird is a simple time killer that made AppleStore and Google Play explode. The hype around it became so unbearable to its creator (Dong Nguyen) that he removed Flappy from both smartphone app markets and even a $50000 earning per day was not enough to change his mind.

The gameplay is as primitive as it can be. PixelArt graphics, resembling times when Italian plumber was saving his beloved every day of the year. You have a bird that is continually flying forward and slowly descending. The bird has to fly through the sets of gates. With a touch on the screen the player makes bird flap its wings to go a bit higher. The more gates you pass the bigger the score.

This nerve cell killing concept provoked rage from all parts of the globe from gamers who bought it. Following the deletion of the game from markets a legion of clones arose, some even made a robot designed specifically to play Flappy Bird. Plain and simple the game became a meme and FlappyCoin developers want to exploit it. If DOGE made it, why not they?

The Coin

I wish there was more to tell about the coin itself, but it seems like its developers weren’t bothered by the uniqueness of their creation. The official web page states that “FlappyCoin is a combination of success of Bitcoin and Flappy Bird.”

Yeah, well thanks for the info, we kind of got it.

As with most of the newbie altcoins that are fighting their way up the ranks of cryptocurrencies, FLAP is based on Scrypt PoW. There is also a possible cap of hundred billion FLAP, but there is no clarity on it.

Anyway, why not? I mean, the worst that could happen FlappyCoin will quietly die off on the vasts of Internet. However, in the best case scenario, it could thrust through cryptocommunity like DOGE did in it’s time.