A stylish and compact gadget was developed by two Bulgarian hardware developers. It shows the Bitcoin exchange rate according to the prices of the biggest cryptocurrency markets such Mt.Gox, BitStamp or BTC-e.

The supported mining rigs for this little piece of tech are KNC Miner and Butterfly Labs, although I do not see the difference if all it needs is wi-fi connection – the prices are displayed on the go from exchange servers. Maybe to display the amount of BTC on the wallet of the rig, as is shown on the screenshot.

The device is pretty neat though, through the glass surface of the gadget the green motherboard is seen. Accompanied by the blue display that gives the monitor the right “cyber”look. The design is definitely ten out of ten.

Boris Ribov and Georgi Bakalaski are the only members of the Hardware Group Bulgaria, but they have already developed and but onto market a number of devices – infrared, wi-fi and Bluetooth transmitters that can be easily connected via the USB port.

Bakalaski explains the reasons behind their new product:

“We think that the current dynamic changes of the Bitcoin market are a fact to be considered and many traders already benefit from that fact by simply transferring Bitcoins between exchanges and taking advantage of the difference between the buy /sell prices”

Well, it’s all crystal clear but will the device be as useful as the developers anticipate it to be. I mean what’s the point of taking a functionality of the smartphone App or a gadget from Windows gadget panel and implementing it into a separate gizmo?

Anyway it’s not for me to decide, I would probably stick to an Android App. It still is stylish and would nicely sit on top of a Bitcoin mining rig. That is the case when functionality is not the main reason for making a purchase.