Open-source smart contract platform Rootstock (RSK) has announced it will work with Etherparty to “accelerate adoption of smart contracts on Bitcoin.”

In a press release issued this week, the pair said it will develop smart contracts which will be “mutually compatible” with Rootstock’s platform.

The move could mark a major step forward in the use of Bitcoin for the kind of operations which have seen Ethereum’s Blockchain host countless business concepts.

“We have been working with the RSK team now for some time and the union of these two great technologies will help further the adoption of Blockchain and smart contract technology to the masses,” Kevin Hobbs, CEO Etherparty developer Vanbex said.

Etherparty’s smart contract creation platform, the first for the Bitcoin network, remains in beta and open only to a select group of 500 testers.

An ICO announced earlier this month for its FUEL token will help launch the first public release by the end of 2017.

“We'll see Blockchain technology disrupt almost every industry we've seen so far and probably also create new ones,” Rootstock’s head of business development Henry Sraigman continued.

“In order to make RSK and decentralized applications succeed, we'll need smart contract development to become mainstream.”