Personal Details

Ryan Gallagher, born 1978, currently living in Sydney


Business Management Major in Accounting and Finance, Australian School of Business

Professional experience and achievement           

Ryan started out as an assistant project manager for Woolsworth. After serving as a Sales and Marketing Director for Pulse Sydney for a lengthy period of his life, Ryan managed to close countless customers and run hundreds of campaigns on a monthly basis.

Now, as an assistant business manager for Milendo Enterprises, Ryan delves not just into simple management, but rather explores different industries such as marketing and new media. He also maintains The Bitcoin Journal and is working on new projects that would revolutionize the cryptocurrency world.


“Bitcoin!”, altcoins, binary options trading, bitcoin gambling, bitcoin trading, action films                                                                                                                                                        

First experience with cryptocurrencies

After stumbling upon a Bitcoin startup, Ryan has been immersed in its world since 2010. It was the idea of trading, he says, that reeled him in, and shortly thereafter he made his first trade. He says he has also dabbled in Bitcoin gambling and has a fair share of knowledge regarding the power of Bitcoin in the Asian market.    

Role in the Bitcoin community

Being at the forefront of the trading industry and giving fellow trading enthusiasts the best information they can have at The Bitcoin Journal are what Ryan says makes his job awesome. He is now working on new projects centered around alternative cryptocurrencies.