While many virtual currencies and assets are created to replace fiat currencies and to drive the progress, the ScotCoin has set a different goal, which is actually very libertarian and important.

The developers of the ScotCoin have decided and stated to donate 100 million ScotCoins to 10 000 Scottish registered charities, public organizations and communities. Everyone leaving an application for the money will receive up to 25 000 coins and has to match the following criterion:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Be located in Scotland
  • Have a ‘Real’ Facebook/Linkedin Account & also Like or Connect with us
  • Sign-up from a valid Scottish IP Address (Check Here - Whatismyipaddress.com)
  • Reply to our auto-generated email following sign-up to prove your email add. is valid.

Further instructions for the applicants as well as the data on the ScotCoin are provided on the homepage of the project.