After a well-prepared and thought-through attack of poker pages in the United States, fans of the game have nothing left as to search for platforms accepting alternative payment methods and accepting residents from various countries. What is the key problem to go on a search? Some time ago the US government succeeded to ban poker sites without prohibiting them by any law or rule. The only thing that is not allowed is to deal with them for financial institutions – no deposits and withdrawals from banks. It did not just hurt the branch, it has wasted it.

The only thing left was to search for some resource that accepts deposits in a friendlier way, for example, in Bitcoin. The “Seals with Clubs” is a platform developed and placed in Europe and it accepts only Bitcoin – respond positive to both determined criteria of success among the citizens of the States. The page is not the biggest, but very popular – especially among Mac users, as the interface for iOs clients is one of the fastest and convenient. It is a browser gambling page, also can be run on Windows, Linux and has even an Android app.

The processing of deposited funds is also very pleasant – a chip costs 0,001 BTC, but smaller denominations get featured as the price of the coin rises. The deposit is not converted to Bitcoin, it is accepted in it. The withdrawal is also made one to one, even knowing that the price fluctuations appear regularly. And there are also tournaments for beginners with no money to place as bid, but enabling to win some coins (receive valuable Bitcoins for free).

But it is enough of the praise. The lovely portrait of the platform has now to receive some rough smears – it was hacked and 42020 passwords of the clients are missing. Three days ago the hashes were posted to a forum and it is needless to say that this fact attracted very many interested people. The pages used SHA1 hash; even the SHA3 hash (the third generation hash) is not suitable for password encryption and protection. Also the page had cryptographic salting to produce different hashes for users who have entered the same passwords for different accounts. People already started to figure out passwords for the platform of existing users. On Wednesday the list was populated on the service InsidePro and the starter of the topic offered 20$ in Bitcoin for every next 1000 hashes provided. It brought to the mentioned number of passwords.

The only thing left to the developers and the administration of the resource was to issue a warning and to ask to change the existing passwords as fast as possible. Now they are working on additional protection taking in account this experience. Experts believe that one more problem might be the merging of the passwords on the site with the wallets people have used to deposit and withdraw funds. With some knowledge and practice, assisted by Block Chain, the hackers might go further. So the advice is to consider the safety of the wallets to and maybe move the coins to a new one.

As the resources offers a high level of anonymity no users that suffered from the attack have given any comments. Still the page has launched and we hope that no virtual money has gone missing and spoiled the pleasure of the game.