CoinWallet ran a “stress pre-test” on the Bitcoin network in preparation for the real “stress test” next week, the MtGox story might be adapted as a movie, and more top stories for September 4.

CoinWallet Conducts 'Stress Pre-test'; Real 'Stress Test' to Begin on September 10

The Bitcoin network took a hit yesterday as CoinWallet ran a “stress pre-test” for about thirty minutes resulting in a “2-day delay and a 50 MB backlog” according to CoinWallet CCO James Wilson. Wilson said that the company will be running a major “stress test” on the Bitcoin network next week, on Thursday September 10 starting at 10 AM GMT.


“The pre-test lasted only about 30 minutes and created a 2-day backlog. As you can imagine, September 10th will indeed be stressful.”

Hollywood Agency to Adapt MtGox Story

David Kushner's recent Rolling Stone piece on Mark Karpelès and MtGox is being shopped around by Creative Artists Agency, one of Hollywood's biggest talent agencies known for representing a wide array of A-listers. As such, the story of the rise and fall of bitcoin exchange MtGox and its CEO Mark Karpelès could soon find its way to the silver screen.

Gov’t in U.S. First to Record Survey on Bitcoin's Blockchain

Tierion has for the first time recorded American government survey information on the Bitcoin blockchain. State of Connecticut officials sought out Tierion to survey the state’s top 200 technology companies to learn how they can help them retain premium local talent while growing their workforce.

Tierion said in an official statement:

“Generating a blockchain receipt for each survey response makes it possible for anyone to verify the data without relying on a trusted third party. Auditing each result can be done by verifying the receipt.”

Gov’t in U.S. First to Record Survey on Bitcoin's Blockchain

GameCredits to Integrate Digital Currencies in Video Games

Cryptographic payments platform for gamers and game developers GameCredits is set to integrate digital currencies including its own altcoin called GMC in three video games, one of which was released this week. The company believes that the integration of cryptocurrencies in video games could help increase digital currency adoption, and spur mainstream adoption for many altcoins.

GameCredits Monetization Expert Silvio Gucek explained:

“We at GameCredits are breaching this chasm and are baldly exploring those uncharted waters – all in the name of providing crypto currencies the mainstream adoption they deserve.”

Coinbase Credits User Accounts With Bitcoin in Double Billing Error

Bitcoin wallet and exchange service Coinbase will credit the accounts of customers who were charged too much due to a recent double billing “glitch.” The company received several complaints from its customers that it was charging twice for each bitcoin order placed. Instead of just correcting the mistake and refunding the double payment, Coinbase will return both payments.

Coinbase wrote to customers:

“Because the initial ACH debit and the duplicate ACH debit have both processed on your account we will be crediting your Coinbase account with the correct amount of bitcoin for each order from both the initial buy and the duplicate buy. This credit will take place early next week when the ACH transfer has completed.”

Chinese Capital Controls May Create Next Bitcoin Boom

Over the past year, investment money has been flowing out of China’s markets at a record pace, creating great instability in not just China, but globally. The largely state-controlled economy has seen new measures to stem the tide, and massive capital controls may be on the horizon. This, of course, might just create a great opportunity for Bitcoin to reach new peaks.

Chinese Capital Controls May Create Next Bitcoin Boom

BitGold Allows Savings Through New App

BitGold has designed a new software that automatically links buyers to bullion dealers and storage companies. The platform allows users to send and receive gold payments, and grants them access to traditional retail spending with the company’s BitGold Prepaid cards. Users can redeem their physical gold anytime. Deposits into BitGold Accounts can be done online with digital deposits or in one of the BitGold network ATMs.

Bitcoin Wallet Provider Offline, the operator of the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet service, is currently offline. A message on the site's homepage reads:

“We will be back shortly. is currently down for maintenance. For status updates please see Twitter. Apologies for any inconvenience.” co-founder Nic Cary said the downtime was due to the company installing some new equipment, adding that the website has been growing fast lately.