Singapore based Search Engine startup SearchTrade recently raised over 200 BTC in a rapid 7-day presale of their keywords. The start-up focuses on decentralizing the search engine revenue model by incentivizing its users with bitcoin for each search.

Keyword pre-sale raises over 200 BTC

Indian startup SearchTrade is looking to change how the Internet functions today by rewarding people with bitcoin for their time spent using search engines.

The team led by Vishal Gupta, who aims to create the first completely decentralized and equitable search based ad network. SearchTrade enables users to partake in the community revenue pool, which consists of revenue generated by the network.

In addition, by giving users the ability to purchase keywords like assets, owners of these keywords sold by the network stand to benefit much like Google does from every search involving their keyword asset.

So far, the startup has sold 507 keywords at 0.4 BTC each and has raised 202.8 BTC at press time. The most popular keywords sold being “porn”, “sex” and “news.”

Gupta said:

"By now we have a pretty good feel for what consumers want from ad products, and digital currency tech gives us the chance to do what no advertiser has done before – share the rewards with everyone."