As we all hopefully know that the idea of crypto currency bitcoin was first published by its founder Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008. By the time the digital currency was developed and first services like exchanges, shops and other necessary digital institution launched the system was entered by the first customers.

In the early 2009 a man from Norway bought bitcoins for 27 dollars 150 kroner – currency of Norway. By the time he was studying and his thesis was about encryption. Coin like BTC were a good example for his practical part. His girlfriend was against and started a discussion, but Kristoffer Koch allowed himself not to listen to her. He insists that he often spends extra money on modern technological stuff or interesting inventions he does not use at all, forget about and even loose. The same happened to his bitcoins. He forgot about them for a while or let’s better say for long for years.

Now try to imagine hove many coins could be bought for this humble sum. He received 5000 BTC. Now it is a fortune and a huge wealth. It is a real success and gratitude for being one of the first who decided to try and kept the coins till today. Even accidentally.

Exchanging them on fiat currency bring him 5 million kroner or a sum close to a million dollars. After selling a part of it he has bought a luxurious flat in the most expensive part of Oslo. By the time he was spending real money for pure interest he was sure that he was purchasing some kind of fake money with a doubtful future. Now he can feel on himself what a luck it was to meet bitcoins on the web 4 years ago.

Of course such stories are very rare. Similar ones consider some knowledge of economics and luck in forecasting the development of the market. Bitcointalks forums have a story on Kirk, who bought for 3000 dollars 259684 BTC, knowing the exchange we can imagine how much worth it is now. Erik Vorhees was able to sell his webpage Satoshi Dice – a gambling arena – for far much more than he has invested. But Satoshi Nakamoto itself, due to earliest possible mining and the creation of the system has a wallet with millions of coins. No one knows even approximately how much belong to the initial creator of the coin.

Of course there could be also different stories – pretty opposite to these, lucky ones. People might have spent thousands of coins for less valuable things – a watch worth ten dollars, but purchased for dozens of coins or something similar.

The other interesting question is what kind of price fluctuations will happen in the closest time, how changes of governmental policy might impact the current prices, services and exchange rates? Will the prices be as high as they are, when more people will be attracted by the community and will be pleased to exchange fiat money to virtual currency?