Personal Details 

Sina Ghashghaei, born 1990, currently living in Toronto 


Creative advertising a business management 

Professional experience and achievement 

Sina started a digital media company at the age of 17 then went on to consult multimillion-dollar corporations on digital media strategy. Sina is currently the business development manager at The App Labb and the CEO & founder of Coinfeet. 

Sina was recognized as the Most Enterprising Student from the Ontario Government at age 20, then went on to mentor young entrepreneurs as the president of the Entrepreneur Club in college. 


Raising awareness about income inequality and youth unemployment. Creating solutions to connect the rest of the world to the internet in order to provide them with the opportunity to utilize new technology in order to be more self-sufficient and create a localized economy. 

First experience with crypto currencies 

Sina first heard about Bitcoin in December 2013 and started to learn as much as he could in order to understand cryptocurrencies better. He says that once he understood their disruptive potential, he wanted to create products that would help bring them into mainstream markets. 

Role in the Bitcoin community 

CEO of Coinfeet, an application that lets users advertise products and services in exchange for Bitcoin.