Blockchain artificial intelligence platform SingularityNET has received 5 times the amount of demand expected for their token sale and postponed the date to properly handle the overwhelming demand.

After receiving what a statement called “overwhelming demand” for its AGI token, SingularityNET will now run its ICO for a further week.

Originally setting a hard cap of $36 mln, the sale has already received $150 mln in pledged orders from investors.

“Token sale is significantly oversubscribed at this point, and to properly handle overwhelming demand for AGI token, SingularityNET team extended their token sale date to the second half of December,” the statement continues.

The brainchild of Dr. Ben Goertzel, SingularityNET looks to leverage Blockchain to unite the disjointed AI industry and facilitate greater technological advances.

The project has already spawned a one-of-a-kind robotic ‘Chief Humanoid Officer’ named Sophia, which initially announced the ICO at a conference in Lisbon last month.

“The platform is positioned to dominate a projected $3.1 tln market by connecting and coordinating AI service at unprecedented scale,” the company added.

Goertzel himself gave extensive insight into both SingularityNET and the current state of AI as a whole during an interview with Cointelegraph in October.