Stanford University has united with educational platform Coursera to provide the Cryptography I and II courses for free. An unlimited number of students from all around the world can virtually attend the lectures given by Dan Boneh, Professor of Computer Science.

The launch of the first part is set for April 1, and the second for June 21. Both programs are 6 weeks long and require about 5-8 hours of work per week. 

Themes to be covered include a wide variety of topics from basic theoretical principles of cryptography to practical implementation and mistake analysis in protocols and systems. Participants are advised to revise or study discrete probability theory before signing up.

After successful completion of the course, homework and programming labs the attendees will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the instructor.

The structure of the course does not differ from other programs offered by Coursera. Every week the students will get access to several short videos each covering one topic, online quizzes, tasks and additional reading sources.

Cointelegraph advises everyone interested in the offer to sign up the course straightaway, as the first week of Cryprography I has just started.