Personal Details

Stefan Kliment, born 1978, currently living in Graz, Austria


Master's Degree in International Business Administration, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration

Professional experience and achievement

Stefan is the co-founder and managing director of Coinfinity. Previously, he worked as a project manager and consultant for an Austrian software company and in various roles as a marketer or communications professional in Austria and Taiwan.


Traveling, hiking, snowboarding, bodyweight training, reading, languages, DIY investing, Austrian school, cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies, crypto mining

First experience with cryptocurrencies

Stefan first heard about Bitcoin in 2011 and got more into it in 2012. He started trading in 2013 and began to regularly attend meetups. He co-founded Coinfinity in early 2014.

Role in the Bitcoin community

Stefan aims to spread the word about Bitcoin and advocate its adoption.