A strong Blockchain should look beyond finance and computing to reach the mainstream. To get there, the platform needs a diverse talent pool that is passionate about ideas.

A decentralized collaboration tool has its challenges, but one aspect is certain: individuals from all walks of life can participate in the development and implementation of Blockchain technologies in industries where they have the desire and experience.

Developing a project in a community vs. in isolation

A diverse community allows members to interact with a variety of ideas and combine them into something greater than the sum of its parts. Individually, those ideas may not be viable but combined they may turn into a competitive value proposition.

Projects developed in isolation don’t have such a luxury. An idea may originate from diametrically opposed industries, with conflicting cultural dynamics, corporate bureaucracy and political agendas. Bringing people together from completely different disciplines can result in new approaches to solving problems and help to overcome obstacles that would not have been tackled otherwise.

Furthermore, a decentralized community flattens the traditional corporate structure. For example, a brick and mortar environment has several layers of hierarchy - “a chain of command” as they say in the military. Many managers would not interface with levels of management much lower than themselves due to ego, power or personal agenda. In a decentralized community, everyone is essentially treated equally.

A platform that incubates ideas

A decentralized platform that incubates ideas also has the benefit of streamlining people, processes and technology. A 10,000-meter view of ideas, business plans and projects allow for efficiencies that are unprecedented in normal startup initiatives. Those responsible for the idea funnel can combine features from a different idea to make it a better idea. The business team can streamline their process from months to weeks.

Likewise, project teams can collaborate on best practices, operational efficiencies and market intelligence. The ecosystem strengthens as the project portfolio grows and diversifies.

The Internet may have removed international borders of communication, but for startup incubation, these barriers still exist. Those in the crypto community are still in relative isolation to the rest of the world in terms of business collaboration. Bringing people together, with a common purpose and investment interests, is a good formula for sustainability and profitability.


Diversity comes from regional, cultural, vertical, horizontal and occupational backgrounds. Gabriel Dusil, Adel co-founder, concludes:

“We want a diverse community to maintain a spectrum of talent that loves to create and complete projects. The ecosystem benefits when we have hundreds of members representing a diverse talent pool. We realize that not all will actively participate. As with most forums, you have those that observe and those that participate. Our goal is to build a sizable membership pool and incentivize participation. Adel is about bringing the best practices of investment strategies and venture capital expertise to the crypto community.”

- By Gabriel Dusil and Jessica Allen