Suchplay is a digital currency casino gaming site based around the concept of “provably fair” games.  Specifically, it can be verified that the variables in each game were set before play began.

By giving the hash value for these variables to the player at the start of play, and providing the string of code that set them at the end of the game, players are able to match the two hash values together in order to prove that items were not changed during play.

Suchplay accepts PayCoin, DogeCoin, and TittieCoin from gamers, and allows them to work through a hierarchy of increasing rewards for guessing the “bomb” location on a grid through nine rounds. 

Suchplay's classic Minesweeper styled game works on the basis of there being five squares per round with one of these squares being preassigned by Suchplay as holding the “bomb”. Players can then select the wager they wish to make in paycoins, dogecoins, or tittiecoins, and then make there guess as to the location of the “bomb”. 


Correct guesses allow the player the option to cash out their win at that level, or to carry on their winnings from that round to the next round of play on the next level down on the grid of squares. If the player is successful at completing the entire nine rows of squares in the game, then they are awarded a bonus points multiplier of 10,000 times for Paycoin, 2 times for Dogecoin, and 1 times for Tittiecoin. This translates in “CCA” points which are the internal reward scheme for Suchplay.

The locations of the “bombs” in each round of the game are predetermined at the start of play in the form of a value per row indicating the location of the box it has been placed in. This string is then placed next to a string of random characters by the Suchplay engine, and it is this string that is fed through a SHA-256 hash generator.

The resulting hash value is shown to the player throughout the game until the end of play when the string of bomb locations and random text is shown in plain text, allowing the user to input this into the SHA-256 generator themselves to check the original hash value.

Internet gaming and gambling is a tricky market to gather trust in, so Suchplay's approach to providing a format of gaming in which the player is able to check the workings of the game themselves is aimed at creating a reputation of integrity for Suchplay without relying on pure trust from the players.

By combining hash functions into the gaming for digital currencies, Suchplay is overlapping gamers with a world they are quite probably already familiar with and comfortable using. To a gamer who knows the security of their digital currency also rests on the basis of hash based encryption, a gaming service based upon the same technology seems appropriate.

Suchplay was founded in April 2014

Playing on Suchplay is free, but the company does have a minimum cash-out value of 0.0001 paycoin, 1 dogecoin, or 1 tittiecoin for wins on the site.

Cointelegraph reached out to Suchplay’s founder for more information about the project, its ethos and future plans.

CT: What inspired you to found Suchplay?

SP: It all started a couple of years ago after reading about Bitcoin, I was immediately inspired and immersed myself into the world of digital currency.

At first my intention was to help grow the digital currency economy and to give something back.
Later I came across some other gambling websites and decided to start my own game sites and Suchplay was born.

CT: Gaining trust in the online gambling market is a tough problem to solve. What steps has Suchplay taken to reassure users that the games are fair?

SP: It is understandable that with a website like Suchplay, you might question its fairness, as there are many fake websites out there. We at Suchplay fully understand this concern and do our best to prove the fairness of the game to the player.

Games you play on Suchplay might display a so called Game Hash. A Game Hash is a uniquely calculated hash code based on your current game data. The hash is calculated and displayed to you before the game starts, and the game data is then show after the game is finished. This way, you can compare the initial hash code you received with the game data. If they match, it is proven that the game you just played was fair.
For more information about this and an example you can visit:

CT: Which upcoming games do you plan to add to Suchplay?

SP: The whole website is designed as a game hub and so we are able to easily add new games in the future.

Our next plan is to release a dice based game, and after that we want to add something like BlackJack. In the future we'd like to add a voting list for the players, so that they can decide what type of game gets added next.

CT: What challenges has the company faced so far and how have you overcome them?

SP: The first challenge was to get accepted by the online gambling market, and as it looks right now it was a success. As you can see we now have 678 registered users, and every day new users register to our website.

CT: Do you have plans to accept further currencies and different funding options in the future?

SP: In the future we plan to integrate other currencies, and as you can see we already added two more in the last days. Now you are able to gamble with Paycoin, Dogecoin and Tittiecoin.

CT: How do you see the digital currency gambling scene developing going forward?

SP: As long as there is a market for cryptocurrencies and new coins are coming out, there will be a nice future for game developing. There are many brilliant websites out right now and more are coming every week.

Also, there are always new opportunities and technologies to make them more interesting to play, so the market won’t stop growing.