Taxi Coin to Put the World on Wheels

Actually, it is not surprising, when a new alternative coin is entering the stage. It might be based on a web meme, a famous person, be considered as a pump and dump scheme or have great financial ambitions as Bitcoin. The Taxi Coin presents a different approach; it would like to change the situation in the taxi and car hire industry.

The group working on the new currency consists of many people around the world – among them are developers, engineers, plain enthusiasts and initial users contributing to the final success. The spokesperson that has already given some interviews provides a name Chad B., but it does not reveal much about the country of origin of the idea or anything else.


The Idea and Basic Principles


The Taxi Coin aims to provide the customers of carting services with a new payment method completed using smartphones. Similar apps exist for traditional – both fiat and electronic assets – but this is a new cryptographic solution. The cities requiring such approach are the biggest and most crowded ones – New York, London, Seoul, Berlin, Moscow – with numerous companies providing taxi services.

Technically the Taxi Coin is:

  • Core: Litecoin v0,8 [Scrypt, AMD GPU Suggested]

  • Coins to be issued: 56 Million

  • Coins issued: 50% of the mentioned amount

  • Block Time: 90 seconds     

The pre-mined amount is going to be enough for the launch of the Beta version of Android and iOs applications. The rest will be extracted in 12 years. More technical data and open sources are summed up on BitcoinTalk.


Promotion Plans


To opt for wide use the developers have to provide the society with extensive information. The considered trading platform to perform exchange services are Coinedup, Cryptoaltex, Cryptsy, but no one is going to pay for listing. Otherwise the coin is going to become a scheme to receive a reward, not to make the life easier.

As the developers plan for the coin to stay on the market for a long time, they see only a natural way to gain weight and influence on the market. There are no promotion activities as by the DogeCoin planned.

The information on the Taxi Coin is already populated over the social networks, forums and corresponding specialized homepages. The developers are sure to find the aim auditory due to the existing advantages of their invention.  





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