The concept of decentralized digital money has raised significant curiosity among investors and individuals alike, as alternatives to conventional currencies have proposed benefits such as the ability to provide a safe haven against uncertainty in traditional markets.

Unfortunately, before cryptocurrencies gain widespread adoption, investors need a method for simple transactions, one that can support the sudden rise of new cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Additionally, enterprise adoption has also been an obstacle for cryptocurrencies due to the current lack of infrastructure.

To address these concerns, Bit2Me created a platform with the ultimate goal, “to become a frictionless gateway into the cryptocurrency world.” As a result, the Wallet has become one of its key products, allowing users to receive, store and send euros, and buy, sell, exchange, receive and send over 20 cryptocurrencies. When linked with a VISA debit card, users can use cryptocurrencies in the same way that fiat money is used with cards by traditional banks.

To further accelerate cryptocurrency adoption, one of the platform’s first initiatives was the launch of Bit2Me Academy, which is currently the largest cryptocurrency training portal in Spanish. At the moment, the content includes over 400 free articles, various certified courses and videos for those interested in learning more about the operation and growth of cryptocurrencies and the rest of the blockchain world. 

Going global

According to Bit2Me, the company’s vision for the future is to further leverage "transparency and open financial systems to make markets more efficient." The platform currently supports multiple initiatives in the DeFi ecosystem, including interacting with protocols, providing liquidity and participating in networks spanning decentralized lending, margin trading, and other financial applications across the globe.

To provide the same opportunities for everyone, Bit2Me is striving to leverage its existing position in Spain to give it a head start in the global cryptocurrency exchange industry.

To achieve this mission, Bit2Me is launching B2M, its native token. B2M is a rewards-based and governance token that will help introduce several DeFi functions and serve as the platform’s governance token. To date, the ICO has already raised 2.5m EUR before the start of the public sale. The company is now preparing for the second phase of the ICO, which will occur on September 13, followed by a third and final phase that will start on September 21.

Members of its team share, “Over the past seven years, the Bit2Me team has built a solid user base in Southern Europe for our crypto adoption tools by building out a wide range of easy-to-use crypto solutions. We are also very proud to have educated over 2 million alumni from Southern Europe and Latin America through original content and courses in our crypto Academy. The B2M token sale will help scale our operations further globally, allowing us to expand our services to users in the rest of the EU, Africa, and Latin America.”

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Planning for the future

B2M is only one of three focus areas for the company’s growth prospects. The team has also been focusing on expansion through its existing suite of cryptocurrency exchange services and the addition of new cryptocurrencies. It has also launched complementary services, including Bit2Me TV and Bit2Me News, to keep users informed and immersed in the digital currency space.

Furthermore, the company’s secondary focus continues to be on its reputation. With more than 300,000 users and 2 million students, the platform focuses on partnering with trusted banks as a part of its three-fold strategy.

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