The bitcoin derivatives platform was founded on in May of the year 2013. Now it has reached a personal record of deals and transaction equal to 13,5 million dollars. For a simple comparison it is necessary to add that the creator Joe Lee invested 150000 dollars from his own, personal money to start that project.

The staff team of the has currently reinforcement from George Samman. He is an experienced professional, who has worked with similar projects and knows the positive sides and advantages investors should observe considering the bitcoin market in general. The group is located in Sidney, Australia. But still Samman has given his comment on all that to the public. After his information is the first derivative based on bitcoin in the world. It is created in a FX similar mode that allows the customers to benefit from the fluctuations of the bitcoin price on the market.

FX means FOREX – is the foreign exchange market, a global decentralized market for the trading of currencies. Ordinary among the currencies are only the fiat ones. The players on this global market are big financial institutions like banks, but private individuals are also welcome.

More on this new service is very well told on their homepage. The about us sections says: “ is a powerful trading platform that allows you to make leveraged directional bets on the value of Bitcoin.” All the trades in BTC per Point, units special designed for this service. The main advantage for those planning to enter it – no real physical currency account with a positive balance is needed to start trading. Of course as a result all payments are made only in bitcoins. Also no margin is needed for maintenance, everything is provided by the service itself.

The founder itself is also an experienced person as has long worked in the field of finance. He worked for Barclays and Macquarie Bank. He sees good perspective in derivatives for the crypto currencies available in the present. Now the platform has over 2000 registered traders. Simalr services were launched by other competitors in the field of crypto currency. Coinsetter has still a beta version trading exchanged offered to the current users of the resource, but itBit would like to utilize the NASDAQ technology for development of a trading platform.

Both Samman and Lee see the future in the electronic currencies that might soon replace traditional paper and metal. Diversification and safety are the two key parameters people search and find in digital money. It is great that such happenings as the crisis of Cyprus that emerged this year, the US government work delay and other political and economic occasion show users that crypto currencies are trustworthy and reliable. No institutions or organization can have an impact – only mathematical, statistical and economic laws will play a part in the formation of price and the market.

Considering – the service offered are going to be expanded in the closest future – so, do not miss out an opportunity.