Cointelegraph weekly review is on the way. Christmas week was really hurry-scurry, most of us have been busy with the last-minute shopping and finally we can summarize the most popular news on our portal.

As usual, stay tuned and read our unbreakable top 5 new of the week!

Number 5 – Canadian Success

Recently one Canadian startup that offers the technical assets necessary to start Bitcoin exchanges, announced a round of venture funding worth $525,000! Indeed, received funding from CrossPacific Capital Partners as well as from Brian Cartmell and Ryan Holmes, the latter being the founder of HootSuite.

However, Canada is one of the most bitcoin fast-adopting countries and is a part of this process. To read more see Vancouver Bitcoin exchange supplier raises $525K.

Number 4 – Bitcoin development in Poland

Today many countries are arguing the question of how should the law and its forces react on the bitcoin popularity and use growing in the World. Recently one of the European countries admitted that Bitcoin is at least not illegal.

Polish Ministry of Finance said: ‘We are not blocking Bitcoin development’. Moreover, speaking at a seminar on Bitcoin legality last week in Warsaw, Szymon Wozniak, an official representative of the finance ministry, said: “What is not forbidden is permitted. However, we certainly cannot consider Bitcoin to be a legal currency.”

Polish law does consider profits from digital-currency transactions to be taxable, and taxpayers earning such profits must report them.

Number 3 – Probably the Best Present

Oh, sometimes it is so difficult to choose the right present for the one we love and care for – all the presents are good and in the same time it seems that nothing is good enough. This year this is not a problem! Bitcoin Gift Card – Definitely the Best Present for Christmas!

Bit4coin startup company from Amsterdam decided to provide the market with three types of vouchers of gift cards. The present could be a great pleasure for an experienced user, and for beginners, who needed stimulation to enter the society of the cryptocurrency.

Moreover, there are three values 25, 50 and 100 dollars, good enough to make a pleasant gift to your friends and relatives.

If you don’t have it yet, go and grab it as a present for New Year celebration night!

Number 2 – Bitcoin is a Movie Star

We have seen a lot of science fiction movies that predicted our future – new technologies like micro chips, FLAT screens, and Internet itself.

The creators of the TV-series “Almost Human” on Fox see future in digital currency, too. The episode aired on the 16th December included not only a humble mention of the bitcoin name, but made the coin a determining element of the storyboard.

Movie reminds us a good questions like:“how much will be this volume of BTC worth during the year 2048, how many coin will be emitted and will the coin spread around”.

Well, future is on the way.

Top Leader – Luxury with Bitcoin

Yes, we adore this kind of thing – luxury, big, sometimes fast, beautiful, free and often quite expensive. This week our readers have chosen Three Good Options for Blowing Your Bitcoin Wealth as the most interesting article.

Well, if you haven’t bought a good present for yourself this week, may be this is the article you should read to make a purchase of your dreams!

Read other news on the Cointelegraph now and get ready to celebrate New Year days soon. Remember – the future is on the way.