Friday evening is the best time to relax and take a look behind on the events of the past week. In the world of digital currency and especially in the world of digital currency this week could be described in words – rise and fall, and rise again.

The most uninspected statements, bitcoin price changes, amazing reports from social life that we won’t forget for long are here – in our weekly review.

As usually we selected five most popular news on Cointelegraph, and ready to remind you the most dramatic and exiting events.

Bitcoin goes straight to Kazakhstan

The fifth place in our weekly review gained an article Kazakhstan: Bitcoin may threaten country’s economic stability .

Recently Kazakhstan’s Vice Minister of Finance, Ruslan Dalenov, made told to the local news agency Tengrinews that Bitcoin could undermine his country’s position in the global financial system.

He is concerned that “People transfer this digital money to each other by just clicking a button, without having to use any bank services or pay remunerations for the transactions.”He’s afraid that this “could cause that bankers will have to look for another job".

Ruslan Dalenov believes that people have notices the opportunities that bitcoin money brings. People understand that those who bought bitcoins in 2009 are able to get an amazing profit today. Investors or citizens of Kazakhstan will be interested to gain such a profit, too.

Get your bitcoin on eBay now.

eBay Requests a Physical Guarantee to Allow Selling Bitcoins article achieved number 4 position in our weekly news popularity list.

Today eBay is one of the most popular market places in the world. It is merely no surprise that people regularly using the eBay platform to sell or purchase physical goods or service might get interested in offering bitcoin to their peers.

And the time has come. Now you can find and buy bitcoins on eBay.

Moreover, PayPal system, used on eBay, allows users to buy or sell things, bring the payment method closer to the bitcoin integration.

If you haven’t heard about it read our eBay Requests a Physical Guarantee to Allow Selling Bitcoins article.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch has its own opinion about Bitcoin

And this is true. Bank of America Merrill Lynch issued the first research report on Bitcoin that has quite different statements about digital currency than we have expected from bank. New publication from the bank says that bitcoin “could be useful in e-commerce and money transfers”.

Moreover, bank experts believe that the price of bitcoins will soon stabilize at about $1300 per coin.

Sounds interesting? Find out more in Bank expects the bitcoin price to stabilize at $1300 .

Baidu and China Telecom hit it

Yes, we must remind you that bitcoin prices have settled into the mid-$700 range over the previous weekend after substantial moves against the currency in China.

In the middle of the week, the People’s Bank of China issued a statement on the currency that scared off investors. Then, two huge Chinese companies — Baidu and China Telecom — removed Bitcoin payment options on their websites. And it was a strong punch. Bitcoin plunges again as Baidu and China Telecom drop the currency.

Music rules the world.

How do you like that - our unlimited top leader is Snoop Dogg and his recent announcement: “My next record available in bitcoin n delivered in a drone.”

I bet you listen to his songs now. Or maybe it was Mel B and her new single “For once in my life?” However, BTC in the LBC: Buy Snoop’s new record in Bitcoin? hits the top.

Sorry Mel B, but exactly Snoop Dogg wins in our top five of most popular news.

That’s all for now. We are looking forward to seeing new week and all news that it brings.

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